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Anyone got a Miele G645SC Plus Dishwasher?????

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blossomsmine Sun 02-Nov-08 23:59:24

Just wondered if any of you had one of these? Had mine about 3 years, been very happy with it. It has a small vent on the top of the door (turbothermic) i think this is when it drys and air comes out of it. Anyway, it has started making a creaky noise when drying and when i put the door down to empty the machine water comes out of the filter bit, not much but makes a puddle. Anyone had this problem before, or any idea what could be the problem?

Furball Mon 03-Nov-08 06:55:29

have a look here

blossomsmine Mon 03-Nov-08 22:09:27

Thanks furball, thats a really handy website!!

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