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Freaky Friday..broom sticks at the ready Fly Witches

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EHM Fri 31-Oct-08 07:52:10

OOOh not sure about the title nowblush
back soon with links

EHM Fri 31-Oct-08 07:55:47

[ Mission doesn't she know is Halloween!]]
[ Babysteps]]

EHM Fri 31-Oct-08 07:57:39

Doesn't she know it's Halloween!


EHM Fri 31-Oct-08 07:59:19

kaplum hope dd's arm is ok.have a great time away!

Hellow to ALL who will come along later.x

LavenderTea Fri 31-Oct-08 08:03:48

Morning EHM think the title is good. Thanks for starting the thread.

Early start this morning for me. Got to get into town to buy cat ears from Claire's before Bumps and Babes at 10 am and Halloween party 11:30 am for 6 month old dd. Have bought her a costume that is 0-9 months but the ears part looks like it fits a 0 month old. Looks like a pea on a drum on dd's head LOL grin...Poor thing...

So bed stripped and washing on.
Bottle made for dd when she wakes.
quick swish and swipe in bathroom.

Still to strip dd's cot when she wakes up and make both beds. Then off to town for the ears, and then off to her first Halloween party. Hostess is making pumpkin puree for about 10 x 6 month olds. Should be fun. Think I will take some spinach puree just to add a bit of extra colour to their lovely pink cheeks....Whoooooaaaaa

Happy Halloween everyone.... Enjoy your pumkins all those who made them yesterday.


LavenderTea Fri 31-Oct-08 08:06:13

Oh no shock !! I just heard my washing machine throwing water out onto the kitchen floor (again).... eeek scared to go and look.

cafebistro Fri 31-Oct-08 08:06:25

Great title EHM wink and thanks for the links.

Morning Everyone smile

Dp has a day off today so Im not sure what we'll be up to. Not much flying I wouldnt have thought! Might BBL.

Everyone have a lovely day smile

TheMadHouse Fri 31-Oct-08 09:05:32

EHM Thanks for the thread and dont worry DH calls us the FLY witches

LavenderTea hope the washer is OK

Waves to everyone lese

We are not "doing" halloween as DS1 is scared of it all and refuses to dress up. So we are off to the madness that is Ikea with my mother.

I will catch up later

Basic fly done
Dryer on

Only really need to do the ironing and general tidy for the weekend.

scattyspider Fri 31-Oct-08 11:19:38

Happy Haloween Fly witches grin (I quite like being a fly witch Mad).

Thanks for the thread EHM. smile.

Happy haloween party Lav

Have a good day cafe.

To do:
Cast spells on my children and make them invisible (cackle, cackle).

Pack my bags as I am off for annual childfree weekend with Mum and Sister (yipee!!)

BB Mon. grin

EHM Fri 31-Oct-08 12:06:47

LT hope WM incident isn't too scary.
TMH poor ds1, my nephew who you met doesn't like it either he asked a smiley face on his pumpkin.
cafe hope you have a nice day
scattychild free weekend....enjoy!

Right errrands done.lunch eaten off to Soft Play Halloween party with DD(she has asked to be called Rupert, Mickey, or Mrs Penguin today it changes each time we have a conversation.)hmm

sagacious Fri 31-Oct-08 12:10:21

lavender hope you're not flooded out !

Have got sister and her mob over this afternoon (we're all off to a friends birthday/halloween party

Hopefully my Amtico floor fitter will turn up soon as he's promised to be over this afternoon and I want to get finished and out by 3.30om hmm

to to

Tidy up kitchen
Wrap birthday present
Sweep floor in prep for fitting
Find dc's halloween costumes

RubyRioja Fri 31-Oct-08 12:36:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bythepowerofgreyskull Fri 31-Oct-08 15:12:59

Happy Halloween.... smile
Reading through last couple of days just wanted to say - I am so pleased things look more positive RR hope you have fun with the sleep overs.
TMH did you get your boiler fixed and have the germs gone?
Hope everyone else is well

Sorry haven't been around the last few days.. been getting caught in family rows.. Been trying to chase the psych dept at the hospital but they aren't returning my calls sad

Flying not done this week. Next week will be better, DS1 back at school.

Nearly time to take DS1 to a halloween party.. back later

Sagtitoldwitch Fri 31-Oct-08 15:52:39

Hello again Freaky Fly Friends

Can I come and play again? I got caught up in a surestart activities/ swimming debacle/weekly shopping thing yesterday so I didn't get chance to log on.

Yesterday I packed the swimming kits a bit too swiftly...When I checked DH's kit at the baths I noticed I had packed DS's England shorts instead of DH's blush so no swimming but DS got a new lego car out of it.

Continued the baking day today. DS and I have

Made pastry
Made bread dough with fresh yeast (much fun laughing at the bubbles wink)
Made apple pie
Made jam tarts
Made 2 loaves of bread
Made and scoffed lunch
Tidied up the flour strewn kitchen
Loaded and run WM
Loaded and run DW
Empty WM and sort for drying
Hang up wet washing
Take down drying washing
Load TD and run
Empty DW
Put away
Clean the oven (ewwwwh)
Clean porch windows

Have had a bit of a scare with another one of the cats, she's 16, old and scraggy and v thin and was having trouble getting into her basket. She seemed a bit dazed. I thought about a manic rush to the vet but she seemed to pick up so I thought 'all the vet will do is put her down and I don't want to stress her out. Just let her finish her days in her basket'. She's had 1/2 a tin of food and seems her normal self now. What is it with my livestock?

It's 15 years since we moved to Sagtit Towers today. me BF + 7 cats are now me, DH + DS and 3 cats, we have come a long way.

RubyRioja Fri 31-Oct-08 16:03:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BiancaCastafiore Fri 31-Oct-08 16:10:51

Struggling to find much to say today as nothing much is going on here.

Ds is at a party.
Dd is watching TV.

We will trick-or-treat a handful of pre-arranged neighbours this evening...well, we will if it stops raining - chucking it down atm sad

TheMadHouse Fri 31-Oct-08 18:06:45

Evening all

I HATE IKEA, well that should be I hate Ikea with my mother and two ungrateful toddlers and one who screams at all the poeple dressed up.

Greyskull Boiler perm on at the moment as we are waiting for a part for it to be fixed.

We have only had two hardy trick or treaters it is pissing down (sorry, but raining just wouldnt cut it)

GO Congrats on 15 yearsEHM Home soft play was bearable

will be back later, but must do evening routine

AnneOfAvonlea Fri 31-Oct-08 18:55:56

Cam back from swimming and DH had decorated house. We have diffent coloured lightblbs everywhere, a skull and bat on the front door and halloween tinsel everywhere. DDs have had picnic tea and played halloween games. DD2 tired and a bit scared. DD1 excited. She also got her level 1 swimming certificate and started her level 2 class today - AND swam a whole length of training pool by herself [proud].

ludagoryghoul Fri 31-Oct-08 21:24:35

Happy Haloween Ladies grin

Our party was brilliant! I will have piccies to show you tomorrow hopefully.

Kids had a great night eating copious amounts of sugar! Trick or treating was fab....the whole village was out and we all trick or treated the pubs too grin

Kids are all plumb tuckered and went to bed with very little fuss!

DH is currently in the bath trying to remove the green face paint from his head, legs, feet and arms! (he dressed as the Incredible Hulk....very funny! DD2 was sooooo scared of him and announced "I don't want daddy to be geeeen" Bless!)

Well, I'm off to bed myself so I'll catch you all in the morning smile

Sagtitoldwitch Fri 31-Oct-08 21:26:09

Would be nice to celebrate 15 years if I had someone to celebrate it with but...the 'I'll be no later than 9' is 'I'll be here til it's done'. angry ...It would be nice if they paid him too

anyhoo, DS is still awake (sugar me thinks) He went trick or treating for the first time, Taking the goodies we had bought, knocking, being given a treat, then giving them some of his sweets back blush a bit too sweet my DS. We had a late tea of brain bites in a blood and guts and slug sauce on fresh worms (Or spagetti and meatballs with tomato and mushroom sauce

Happy Halloween grin

EHM Sat 01-Nov-08 11:21:04


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