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Extremely large covers/ throws for sofas...?

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laurasmiles Tue 28-Oct-08 15:16:15

I have just orered two sofas - one is a large L shaped one - and both will need something over them if they are to survive the onslaught of my two and three year old!! Can you help? Do you know anywhere I can get some tasteful but effective coverings? And what, if anything do you put on your sofa to protect them?

I'm not a Mrs Bouquet/Bucket type so I'm not searching for clear plastic!

Any leads gratefully received. smile

ShinyPinkPumpkin Tue 28-Oct-08 15:22:05

M&S do some and they're quite nice.

Saw some at the weekend in plum, burgundy, brown and beige shades in a sort of chenille fabric.

laurasmiles Tue 28-Oct-08 15:26:04

Are they big enough to cover a sofa do you think or more of a 'snuggle' size throw?

HowlingattheFullMOONMother Tue 28-Oct-08 15:26:24

they do lots on ebay, all different materials and colours.

one piece of advice tho, beware of chnille ones, I bought 2 for my sofas, in a beautiful moss green, within a week they'd gone all fluffy and had pulls in them.Everything got covered in green fluff hmm.

I've now resorted back to my cotton ones(best in my opinion) and just use the chenille ones as a blanket for chilly evenings to snuggle on the sofa whilst watching the telly.

ShinyPinkPumpkin Tue 28-Oct-08 15:27:30

They did them in varying sizes.

I bought a couple of the smallest ones which measure 130X180 cms

Will see if I can find a link

ShinyPinkPumpkin Tue 28-Oct-08 15:29:19

Oh yikes at the chenille comment shock

Can see another trip to M&S to return them. Thanks for sharing that!

Nagapie Tue 28-Oct-08 15:29:29

Try Ikea - they are pretty reasonably priced - 130 cm X 170 cm and have lots of colours

ShinyPinkPumpkin Tue 28-Oct-08 15:30:26

FWIW- here is the link to the ones I bought:

Large: W230 x L240cm (78 x 93.6")


laurasmiles Tue 28-Oct-08 17:54:41

Thanks all! Will window shop throught the options - can't bear to see another sofa bite the dust within a year! shock

BiancaCastafiore Tue 28-Oct-08 17:58:07

There are lots here and here which come in v large 300cm x 230cm

laurasmiles Wed 29-Oct-08 11:19:35

Thanks Bianca these look very large - they may just fit the bill!! smile

BiancaCastafiore Wed 29-Oct-08 16:16:19

I have some and they are great They wash really well too.

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