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Any fellow stardrop fans?

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AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 28-Oct-08 13:00:15

I just love the stuff and use it for almost everything.

nickytwooootimes Tue 28-Oct-08 13:02:55

I bought my first bottle a few weeks ago and it is fantastic.
I think the only thing I haven't used it to clean is my ds, lol!

[saddo cleaning person emoticon]

lilolilmanchester Tue 28-Oct-08 13:04:40

Yes, I like it, but use white vinegar and bicarb of soda more often now. I take Stardrops on self-catering holidays if we're going in the car cos doubles as washing up liquid and handwash liquid too

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 28-Oct-08 13:12:33

I haven't tried it as washing up liquid, does it not make the crockery taste bitter?

shinyshoes Tue 28-Oct-08 13:15:13

I love it, i'm a convert, I have never seen my taps sparkling before, even when I bought them they were never that sparkly.

I use it for everything.
I love stardrops grin

nickytwooootimes Tue 28-Oct-08 13:15:40

What is the cloudy one for?

TimeForMe Tue 28-Oct-08 14:00:37

The cloudy one is Stardrops with ammonia. Thats the one I use and it's great. I'm a Stardrops fan! grin

LurkerOfTheUniverse Tue 28-Oct-08 14:37:24

Love it, reminds me of my nan

is this truely the most boring thread ever grin even beats Cod's bin day thread

LurkerOfTheUniverse Tue 28-Oct-08 14:38:11

she dosen't smell of it or anything hmm

just that she uses it alot

blossomsmine Tue 28-Oct-08 18:47:18

I don't quite no what to do with my is the yellow one. Don't you find it takes ages to rinse off and everywhere gets covered in bubbles??? In desperation i poured some of it down the loo today, as hadn't got any bleach..... What can i do with it???

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