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Where can I find a very wide, very long door curtain?

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Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 17:31:47

I've got double vision from scouring ebay, is there somewhere that sells larger than normal door curtains?

Our door is just huge - about 4ft wide, but with the letter box panel at the side it's 68". So curtain needs to be at least about 100" to hang well.

It's got to be at least 87" long as well.

I'd like to make one but haven;'t baby free time to do so (or enough fabric)

TIA if anyone knows where to get one! smile

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 17:39:10

Or is there a way to pengthen one that is wide enough but not quite long enough? If someone could talk me through that I'd be most grateful.

I've seen one on ebay that is about 5" too short. It's lined velvet, I just don't know how to make it longer.

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 17:39:30

pengthen, lol.

Lengthen I mean. grin

Lauriefairycake Mon 27-Oct-08 17:42:13

ikea ones are routinely that length.

But if you want something pretty they had a long organza one which had tiny lights in it on QVC yesterday - it was beautiful. Had gold, white, red I think.

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 17:44:56

Oh that sounds nice! No, I don;t really need something pretty - just thick and warm, lol!

I'm not near an ikea, which is good for my bank balance as I would be there every day but I don't think they send out curtains usually online? I'm off to have a look though, thankyou smile

nannyL Mon 27-Oct-08 18:07:26

i have a similar and door and wanted 1 curtain too.... in the end i went into Rosebys who are having a closing down sale as they are going bankrup and got a lovely thick lined pair of 90X90 curtains for about £30

decided as it was such a bargain i could cope with having 2 curtains... my grandmother has 2 curtains over her french windows too and they look fine, so i decided it would be fine for me too

definitely go into Rosebys ASAP as stock is going fast but there were some real bargains

CoolYourJets Mon 27-Oct-08 18:11:30

Put a contrasting panel on the bottom, weight it so it hangs well maybe?

Lauriefairycake Mon 27-Oct-08 18:13:59

I also lined my curtains with cheap fleeces from Ikea - £3 each - much cheaper than in the shops

Lauriefairycake Mon 27-Oct-08 18:14:40

I meant much cheaper than proper linings or pre-made curtains with linings in or indeed, fleece by the metre

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 18:38:47

Thanks, some great ideas...I just looked on Rosebys website and it's gone sad

I don't think we have a shop here.

I don't think I can do two curtains as there's nowhere to put a curtain on one side. But could stitch together - only thing is I'm no good at sewing so twould look crap grin

Coolyourjerts - how would you do that? Would you be able to give me some guidelines - i mean, should I unpick the lining and hem at the bottom and add a piece somehow - not sure how to do it properly so it looks neat iyswim?

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 27-Oct-08 18:39:36

net or fabric?:

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 18:40:15

Fabric, VVV - really thick, heavy fabric would be good!

cheerycherry Mon 27-Oct-08 18:43:57

Am watchin this with interest too, we need one too, keep the awful draughts out, can't sew for toffee so need something already done, warm,thick and cheap!!

CoolYourJets Mon 27-Oct-08 18:44:49


wingandprayer Mon 27-Oct-08 18:48:26

Have a look at Next too. We got enormous windows and they were one of the few places I found that did curtains big enough off the shelf that didn't cost a fortune. I think they had some lined versions too.

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 19:00:56

Ah many thanks Cool. smile

That's brilliant.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 27-Oct-08 19:03:47

ah i see. I bought some really wide, really long nets from ikea yesterday. 3m x 2m or something for £2.99.

Flightattendant4 Mon 27-Oct-08 19:15:09

Wow, that is big nettage VVV smile

I love ikea.

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