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I know about "flying" but what is your weely routine..I want to be organised!!

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daisycat01 Sun 26-Oct-08 16:24:31

Right, I want to take a few days to get myself organised. I have ds 6 and ds3 and currently pregnant with 3rd. If I am going to survive, I have to accept that I need a daily/ weekly routine.
At the moment I cant seem to fit in a weekly polish/hoover/clean of all the important rooms, so I am hoping to put together a daily plan for the week.
What do all you other organised stay at home mums do? How do you divide up your day??
I would like to have days where I can get my chores done and also hand out roles to the kids! At the moment I plan my meal s for the week and that works really well.
Please give me some british pointers!!

Starbear Sun 26-Oct-08 22:18:26

I love the idea of flying. I work part-time and do not get help from my DH due to his work and operations on his hips. Sooo He pays for 4 hours for a cleaner. In four hours she does the following.
Cleans the counter tops (I never leave it bad) cooker, top oven, washes the floor.
hoovers three rooms, makes beds & dusts. cleans bathroom. Then does some ironing.(Almost all)
Could you get someone to look after the kids while you blitz for four or less hours e.g Saturday.
Everyday in the evening I do some laundry. wash, hang out to, dry fold. Monday I do the grand tidy put everything in its place place for everything. I do not have nick-knacks anywhere in my house bare minimum kitchen counters, bathroom tops or in the bedroom.
Lots of shoe boxes for toys and DS is told to tidy. He also takes out the recycling (only 4 years old) make-up toiletries go in cupboards. I do sent the clock for 15 mins at a time for each room then after 45min have a cup of tea then start again.

Shannaratiger Mon 27-Oct-08 06:50:52

Pop in to our FLYing threads and you'll pick up some good ideas. Unfortunately I've been flying for 1 year now and I'm still working on a weekly routine that I can stick to. blush The monthly blitz for each zone works really well thouhg.

AnneOfAvonlea Mon 27-Oct-08 13:57:58

havent got time to post now. come over to the daily fly threads and ask. wil post later

daisycat01 Mon 27-Oct-08 18:21:36

Thanks for your posts.
I have looked at flying, I just found it a bit american iykwim?
I sat down last night and wrote out a daily routine for the week. I am planning to do sweep and wash floors on a monday morn and then plan weeks dinners and do food order in the pm, change beds and hoover house on a tuesday morn, do my budget/filing on a wednesday and clean bathrooms on a thursday. I have left friday free as DS2 doesnt go to nursery so we usually go out that day. Everyday stuff like empty dishwasher, washing, folding etc, cooking dinner ect is also down to me.
I am also setting down house rules for adults (basically means DH!) and kids.
DH is expected to:
put dirty washing in basket,
wash sink after shaving,
put away tolietries in basket,
put breakfast things in dishwasher.
All shoes in cupboard,
help put kids to bed OR clear dinner stuff
Remove any glasses etc out of sitting room at the end of the night.
Switch of lights and turn on dishwasher

DS are expected to:
Make bed in morning
Put PJs under pillow
Put dishes in diswasher
Change after school & put dirty washing in basket and uniform on radiator
Shoes in cupboard
Put away toys b4 bed and leave sitting room tidy

I think that we will all struggle to do this!!
What do other peoples families do???

Jas Mon 27-Oct-08 21:22:43


The FLY thinhg is very Americangrin

Most of us on the daily FLY thread have adapted it to suit.
I also do the 15 min timer thing, and it really helps the children keep on top of their mess!
I have a plan to to basics every day, plus weely jobs as follows....
Mop kitchen
Clean wheelie bin

Vacuum upstairs
30 min zone clean

Check calendar

Mop floor
Post letters
30 mins kids room

Clean fridge
Menu plan
Shopping list

Change beds
Weekly shop

Empty bins

AnneOfAvonlea Tue 28-Oct-08 08:47:37

I have a similar list to Jas's. Also have a list for morning, afternoon and evening jobs to keep on top of stuff. We are over here

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