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Dishwasher salt

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3littlefrogs Sat 18-Oct-08 16:46:45

I have a new dishwasher. I live in a hard water area, but have a plumbed in water softener in my house. What setting should I programme into my new dishwasher for its water softener? It is a Bosch and I do not want to damage it.


throckenholt Sat 18-Oct-08 16:55:10

is there an option in the manual for softened water ? My one actually measures the hardness and tells you !

You still need to add salt though - I assumed you didn't need to with soft water - but you do

3littlefrogs Sat 18-Oct-08 16:58:32

The manual says I have to ask my provider/utility company for the hardness level, and programme it in - but as my water is softened once it comes into the house, I am guessing that I should put in a lower figure - I have a choice of 0 - 7, and a hardness level of 0 - 50.

Why do things have to be so complicated????

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