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'tis the season of colds, but the housework needs doing - come and join me for very slow.....

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FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 09:43:44

and steady housework....

I have viewers coming tomorrow, my bathroom is disgusting blush

My kitchen is also a mess,

Lounge/diner isn't too bad - 10 minutes tonight once the DS's are in bed should sort it

DS's bedrooms are ok as well.

My bedroom is a tip, boxes, piles of stuff that needs sorting/putting away

Oh and I have a mountain of ironing to do

But I feel like absolute shite.

Planning on setting my timer for 5-10 minutes and doing tiny chunks during the day (even if means leaving a job half way through when it goes off and going back to it next time)

Anyone else care to join me?

Twims Fri 17-Oct-08 09:50:44

I'll join you - got loads of piles of junk cleaned from other rooms and dumped in the other lounge and need to sort it.

FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 10:06:10

hi Twims smile

I've just done a short burst -

emptied the dishwasher
loaded the breakfast things into it
Put a load of washing on
and started to clean around the side/base of the toilet (can't believe how awful it is blush)

Having a coffee and a sit down now - just hoping that DS3 continues to be glued to Citv while I get on.

pumpkinscantdancethetango Fri 17-Oct-08 10:15:34

Morning tims and FAQ, how are you both today?

Im watching JK and having a lazy half hour, when its finished I will have a shower and get started.

Heres my list -

shower and hairwash
put washing on
washing away
rabbits cage
do dishes
kitchen surface
clean table
make the bed
phone council
phone virgin media

FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 10:42:23

well there's a bit more done in the bathroom - still got a long way to go in there - but it's coming together - need to try and get the shower curtain down, and wash it, and the mats (non-slip one in the bath, and one next to the bath) as they're looking a bit "forgotten".

pumpkinscantdancethetango Fri 17-Oct-08 11:09:35

do you know where your moving to FAQ? or are you still looking?

FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 11:11:24

haven't got a clue yet - haven't really started looking properly yet as I don't have the deposit/rent saved yet - so sods law I'll see somewhere perfect then be gutted that it's long since gone once I'm ready to move.

Twims Fri 17-Oct-08 11:15:07

Have now emptied one big closet and placed everyting from second lounge into piles so that it is easily sorted.

So now to clutter but the lounge and then there will be no clutter left in the house!!

Don't ask about the garage grin

FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 12:51:30

right I've now cleared all the rubbish out of the bathroom, took the shower curtain down, and the bath mats out ready to wash, about to give the bath a wipe around then sweep and mop the floor

Twims Fri 17-Oct-08 13:11:42

Sorted all my piles - binned all the rubbish, organised the downstairs closet which was stuffed full with the door closed blush grin

Sorted out a bag of bedding for charity

pumpkinscantdancethetango Fri 17-Oct-08 13:28:20

well done both of you <passes tea and biscuits>

shower and hairwash DONE
put washing on DONE
washing away DONE
rabbits cage
do dishes DONE
kitchen surface
hoover DONE
clean table DONE
make the bed DONE
phone council DONE
phone virgin media DONE

Also filled in some forms and need to go and post them soon. Just rabbit and kitchen to clean now

FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 13:31:41

ok I've had some lunch and wiped the bath and sink over - not fabulous, but at least it's better than it was. Going to go and sort the floor out in there next.

Not even managing to do 5-10 minute blitzes so just doing what I can before I'm utterly exhausted (just a few minutes at the moment)

Twims Fri 17-Oct-08 13:45:43

Making homemade soup - so finishing off the tidying while I cook then need to hoover the downstairs, unstack, stack dishwasher and wipe down kitchen

FAQ Fri 17-Oct-08 15:48:56

well in between going and getting DS1 from school, and DS3 waking up from his nap the bathroom floor is now sorted. Need to put the stuff back in that I took out then tackle the utility room.....

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