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Wacky Wednesday - Housekeeping is sooooooooooo much fun with the flyladies

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RubyRioja Wed 15-Oct-08 07:35:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jas Wed 15-Oct-08 07:41:39

grin Good for you Ruby - You do seem happier and much more "yourself" this

I've got an hour at work, then I need to buy some flour and attempt to make Christmas cakes today before coffe at my friends in the pm.

I'm going to attempt to make it in a tray, and cut into squares for mini-cakes. Not sure if this will work at all tbh....

RubyRioja Wed 15-Oct-08 07:46:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sagacious Wed 15-Oct-08 07:53:07

Morning all
Sorry if TMI but I have the worst period pain I've ever had.. literally doubled up. I normally only get a slight twinge shock Also its at least a week early

Lord knpws whats going on

ANd I've SO MUCH to do today.

Have had codeine and its not even touched it.

Oh to cuddle up on sofa with hot water bottle sad

Sorry enough of my self indulgent crap

Off to make lunchboxes

ruby you sound chipper ! smile
waves to jas

Jas Wed 15-Oct-08 07:53:24

Womens bodies synchronising is definitely possible, and happens alot. Not sure about eating your own head!!

Jas Wed 15-Oct-08 07:56:15

sad Saga - crossed posts there. Are you sure it is period pain? I'd take ibuprofen as well, and spend the rest of the day resting, whatever it is.

I should be doing things, but ds is eating and every time I move he gets up and follows me, so I need to stay here until one pof the dds is up, or he finishes his breakfast.

sagacious Wed 15-Oct-08 08:02:09

jas Yep definate
Hadn't thought of ibruprofen (don't generally take anything .. we're very much the black knight from the Holy Grain in this family.. its only a scratch when your leg is choppped off sort of thing...)

I'd love to spend the day resting sadly not an option. grin

Ouch ouch ouch

I should be doing things too..

Kick me (gently) if you see me on here before 9am

TheMadHouse Wed 15-Oct-08 08:53:50


Ruby I agree with the sync thing - one of the girls I worked with was so like this

Sag Hot water bottles and lots of rest.

Jas DS2 follows me arround too at the moment, obviously an age thing.

Well no rest for the wicked, both have been up for hours. DS1 is pale, but no sick and are both hounding for swimming - so I am going to take them. Just to get out of the house.

I have the TD on - couldnt face drying the wirlegig this morning, but will use it for all the swimming things.

Plans for the rest of the day

Wrap Birthday pressie for party tomorrow
Make Birthday card with DS1
General tidy
Change DS2's bedding
Get DH to ring the electic company
Tesco delivery to come and put away (tonight)
Zone clean DS1's bedroom
Ironing and put away

intravenouscoffee Wed 15-Oct-08 09:02:46

Morning all.
Jas Tray bake mini Christmas cakes sound like a fantastic idea. Can you let us know if it works?
Sag Ibuprofen usually works well on muscular pains so give it a try. Reckon even the Black Knight would have given up if he'd had period pain grin
Ruby Hope coffee is good.

Right, morning routine done. Am off to toddler group later and want to start writing down some routines so that I keep up the good work. TMH's cleaning list looked fantastic - are you all this organised?

intravenouscoffee Wed 15-Oct-08 09:03:26

X posts - Morning TMH!

AnneOfAvonlea Wed 15-Oct-08 09:20:09

Morning all.

Morning routine done (unsuprising as I have been up sicne 5.00).

DD2 full of cold.

Me full of apathy.


TheMadHouse Wed 15-Oct-08 09:38:35

IVC - I have a spreadsheet I did instead of a control journal when babystepping. It has my zone lists in.

I try and spend 15 mins at least a day in the zone for the week and dp the full list over the week. It is suprising how little time it actually takes to clean, it is clearing and keeping on top of the clutter which is hard.

I have finnished morning routine off and got swimming things ready - I am going to chance it

AnneOfAvonlea Wed 15-Oct-08 09:42:26

IVC - I have a word document with my lists in

Jas Wed 15-Oct-08 11:09:57

IVC - My lists are in a saved email, as my computer won't let me save written documentshmm and I didn't want a paper control journal. I don't have the comprehensive zone lists (yet), just daily and weekly routines.

I've worked and spent my wages, so I'm going to try the cakes. I'll report backsmile

I also need to finish my morning jobs....

lucysmam Wed 15-Oct-08 12:02:52

Third time lucky . . . t'internet keeps kicking me off angry

IVC I tend to either potter & see what gets done, have a list of what has to get done that day or 'borrow' someone else's list to work through if they're zone clean ones like Mad's. I'm not that organised to have lists of things that need doing . . . just have my morning, afternoon and evening routines really.

Bathroom list is done & I'm still washing bloody footy kit (am sure it's multiplying hmm ) but hope to have it all done by this afternoon.

Only thing I definately need to do is pack the lo's bag for tomorrow.

Will bbl smile

lucysmam Wed 15-Oct-08 12:02:54

Third time lucky . . . t'internet keeps kicking me off angry

IVC I tend to either potter & see what gets done, have a list of what has to get done that day or 'borrow' someone else's list to work through if they're zone clean ones like Mad's. I'm not that organised to have lists of things that need doing . . . just have my morning, afternoon and evening routines really.

Bathroom list is done & I'm still washing bloody footy kit (am sure it's multiplying hmm ) but hope to have it all done by this afternoon.

Only thing I definately need to do is pack the lo's bag for tomorrow.

Will bbl smile

sagacious Wed 15-Oct-08 12:06:05

Feeling better

Have got a few things done but have moped a bit a lot

I do the same as lucysmam and borrow lists

Am meant to be swimming with a friend this afternoon whilst dd is at pre school. Exercise will do me good I suppose...

bb after school run

scattyspice Wed 15-Oct-08 12:45:30

Hi all.

saga I take feminax, tis great.
Have done zero flying this week so far blush.
Parents eve yesterday - teacher said 'he's not as far behind in maths as he is in reading and writing' shock At least thats something I suppose hmm. She said he should be able to write a page of writing by the end of yr1 shock (he will still be 5). I am a bit upset as I had thought he was progressing well (compared to this time last yr)!

tigger sounds like your ds does have some friends after all smile.

To do:
BR floor
go to garage to pay for car
practse reading and writing wuth ds
wash up
bedtime routine

BBL (if I can)

TheMadHouse Wed 15-Oct-08 12:49:10

Sag I always feel better after swimming

DS2 is napping (Swimming tired him out)
DS1 is on the sofa in the conservatory - I decided to keep him off preschool

I have mopped the whole of the ground floor and am waiting for it to dry before the next stuff.

I will go and finnish the zone clean in DS1's bedroom - not much actually needs doing, as I cleaned everywhere yesterday.

Ruby DO you think you have been inline with the full moon which was last night at 8pm!!!!!!

I have loads of deliveries due and I WANT THEM NOW - Mad stamps her feet.

TheMadHouse Wed 15-Oct-08 13:04:28

I havejst folded up some washing nad spok to my mum (who is now as ill as the boys were) and DS1 is asleep on the sofa - he looks so georgous.

Shannaratiger Wed 15-Oct-08 13:34:15

Morning all

Have just looked back to last years thread and realised I first stumbled on this thread on the 8th October 07. shock

Anyway busy few days, not much flying. Sunday went to Marwell Zoo, which was fab, except ds was beign grumpy, I think he's making up for not eating properly for 2 weeks and is hungry all the time. I didn't notice we'd run out of bread until I came to make sandwiches Oops! Went to tesco's on the way home and dp then took dd into town to the park by himself. shock
Result being a happy but very tired dd. Monday at school she was tired, Monday night ds kept her awake until 8:30. Tuesday morning we therefore had a very tired dd. Dp had teh day off though so she was fairly happy when we all took her to school. Unfortunately they had pe in the morning and they have 'choosing' time after lunch. The school have been warned that resolving conflict is definately dd's problem area, unfortunately she and her friend wanted the same car, he had it so dd bit him really hard. sad angry blush I therefore had to go to the headmasters office with dd after school, major tears, she just kept saying, all evening "I didin't mean to bite him". I'm a nervous wreck hopign she's been ok today.
I knew this would happen, but was just hoping it wouldn't. At least I've known his Mum for a while and he went to dd's special needs playgroup so she understands.

Ruby hope you had a good morning. Saw a program on women's menstrual cycles synchronising, definately happens.
sag I know just how you feel, I used to be like that for 4 days every month when I was a teenager. Hope it goes soon.
jas good luck with the christmas cakes, sounds like a great idea.
tmh Glad swimming went well, hope your Mum gets better soon.
ivc hope toddlers went well. I've a list never manage it all thouhg, I will one day hmm
AA sending loads of sympathy.
scatty As long as he's happy at school and trys his best that's all you can ask.
tigger I can definately sympathize with your ds and friends. One reason dd hasn't had a birthday party is because she couldn't tell me any school friends she wanted to invite.
I'd better go and get the washing out of the t/d and do some tidying up and read my 'positive thinking book'. I did do the thigh trainer earlier which makes me not feeling so guilty about making cocnut macaroons earlier, it is my birthday on friday, so i'm starting early. grin

Have a good afternoon everyone

lucysmam Wed 15-Oct-08 15:42:08

Afternoon smile

Still ploughing through footy kit. Last lot of shorts in the wm now & the rest all dried & folded in number order ready to go in it's bag.

LO's bag packed for tomorrow and stuff she's going to need if they go anywhere is in her 'day out' bag ready apart from food which I will do when MIL comes to get her in the morning.

LO is very stroppy & stompy this afternoon, wonder if it's my pmt coming out of her hmm. She's actually sounding ready for a shower and bed but am going to keep her going as long as possible this evening I think, so we get a good nights sleep.

Am in the middle of re-jigging shopping list - again - so we use up pretty much everything like we did last time. Then I should be able to stock up everything like I did and we should get about 3 weeks out of it again I hope. Only need to get something for Tuesday, Weds and Thurs next week I think & get shopping delivered Friday. If not then still only need 4 days shopping.

Quite proud of myself actually, that's a month on about £90 for the 3 of us including beer!!!

Anyways, off to see if water's hot enough for the lo's shower yet . . . ttfn

scattyspice Wed 15-Oct-08 15:50:46

Hi again.

shanna sad for your DD, does she have special needs? My ds has been in trouble for fighting this year, he also knows he shouldn't (and why he shouldn't) but has trouble curbing his impulses. They are still only young aren't they? I thinkschool expects them to grow up too fast.

lucy shock on a months shopping for £90, you are a budget queen!!

Back from work/school better get started on the list.

TheMadHouse Wed 15-Oct-08 16:05:56

My darling husband has come home early - to give me a break from all the sick and poo. I am really lucky and love him to bits blush

I am now going to make a birthday card with DS1

intravenouscoffee Wed 15-Oct-08 16:47:15

Hello again. Thanks for letting me know what you all do with zone cleaning. Will try and do some zone lists, should help to keep on top of everything.

Had a good morning at toddlers then went shopping this afternoon with DD who got bored half way round tesco and started yelling but other than that was okay. Lucy I am amazed at your budgeting. Sooooo impressed (and jealous)

Right, pretty much on track. DH has offered to cook tea so just need to cobble something together for DD and do a quick room rescue on the lounge and that'll do.

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