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Integrated/ Built In Washing Machine vs. Freestanding--which one to buy??? Help!

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Lentils Mon 13-Oct-08 14:15:18

Hi--my old washing machine has finally died, and need to buy a new one. I can get either an integrated one since that's what the old one was, or I can get a BETTER freestanding one. Apparently, built-in ones are never as good as the same priced freestanding one, because they make less of them (so are more expensive to build) and have to cram in the same technology into a smaller space. So, what would you do if you were me--go for the decent, but not the best integrated washing machine--which means its hidden and the kitchen looks nice, or go for the freestanding one. I personally am veering to the freestanding one, but Dh thinks it will look rubbish. Does anyone actually care if their washing machine shows????

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