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How to I dispose of kitchen knives?

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hazzajo Sat 11-Oct-08 10:26:05

No I haven't just murdered Dh, I have got myself a new knife set and want to get rid of a couple of my oldest rubbishest ones as I haven't got enough room in the knife block. Now how can I throw them away without looking like a criminal disposing of the evidence! I surely can't just wrap them up and put them in the bin can I? What do you suggest?

SorenLorensen Sat 11-Oct-08 10:27:05

Wrap them up in newspaper and tape and put them in the bin - that's what I would do.

MrsCurly Sat 11-Oct-08 10:35:32

Take them to charity shop?

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Sat 11-Oct-08 10:37:35

wrap VERY well so they cannot rip through and hurt a bin man. First thought was police though....

hazzajo Sat 11-Oct-08 12:23:13

I've heard of knife amnesties so thought of the police too but then wondered if I was being silly. Will wrap them in loads of newspaper all taped up I think. Thanks

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