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Steam generator irons.....??

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blossomsmine Thu 09-Oct-08 21:04:43

There has been a thread on this recently which encourage me to go out and buy one....I think i have made a mistake though!!! I thought they steamed all the time? Mine has a button on the top that you press if you want steam, is this usual? It also has another dial for either no steam, light steam, medium steam, or full steam but then the button on the top aswell, so i don't really get it!!??? Not sure whether i should take it back or not, don't mind keep pressing the top button but would be far easier if it was constant steam.....Can someone please explain how theres work??!!

suedonim Thu 09-Oct-08 21:35:11

Mine doesn't steam all the time. It has a bit under the handle that you either squeeze, or not, as required. If it steamed all the time stuff would get too wet, I think.

countingto10 Thu 09-Oct-08 21:44:49

I think mine is set between light & medium steam and on a wool setting (Symbol with 2 dots in I think). I don't tend to change this setting it seems to iron everything great.

I press the steam button on the first stroke (?) of the iron and release it when I go over it again to dry it IYSWIM.

You need a vented ironing board to allow the steam through otherwise everything will become too wet.

It didn't take too long to get use to and I love my iron. Try and perserve with it.

blossomsmine Thu 09-Oct-08 23:37:19

Aaaah!!! Now i see!!! See what you mean about everything getting soaked if it was steaming all the time, just felt strange using an iron with no noise and steam coming out unless i touched the button, you get used to that then i suppose???
Thanks for your help, i will carry on then, was going to take it back and say it was faulty!!

RustyBear Thu 09-Oct-08 23:42:37

Mine has a button you press, but you can lock it on if you want to.

blossomsmine Fri 10-Oct-08 21:46:25

I could have done with a locking button, that would have made sense.

makeminealargeoneplease Sun 12-Oct-08 16:13:55

Wouldn't there be a danger of burning yourself if it was on constant steam? And, I agree with Suedonim everything would get drenched?

blossomsmine Sun 12-Oct-08 23:48:15

Yes, i am sure you are right. I haven't had much time to get stuck into the ironing the last couple of daysblush but i think i am getting the hang of it!!

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