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Who's still got the heating OFF?

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Bridie3 Thu 09-Oct-08 11:39:53

We still are managing without heating. New hot water bottles have been bought. I am looking out bargain woollies on eBay.

How's everyone else doing?

TimeForMe Thu 09-Oct-08 11:47:46

No heating as yet, nice thermal vests (as reccomended on the style and beauty thread)new hot water bottles all round and like you, brilliant bargain woolies from ebay.

And please don't shout me down but secretly I am loving all this planning and budgeting. I've got more money than I had before I had money! IYSWIM.

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Thu 09-Oct-08 11:50:17

Me because our CH isn't finished yet! Suprising how long you can go, I would have had it on in Sept. if I had had it.

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Thu 09-Oct-08 11:50:53

I had it on last week, a couple of times,for the first time, but after seeing the money it ATE (on a meter) Its back off and the the slippers and jumpers are out. Was FREEZING this morning.

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Thu 09-Oct-08 11:52:35

only started putting it on this week - just for an hour in the morning.

ilovemydog Thu 09-Oct-08 11:53:50

we're still off - not much longer though

Bramshott Thu 09-Oct-08 11:57:09

We're still off, mind you we are down South. I am trying to hold out until 1 November!

Mumi Thu 09-Oct-08 12:10:05

Same as Bramshot above grin

wontbepreggersagain Thu 09-Oct-08 12:17:23

ooh mines still off and we're in wales! maybe i'm being cruel grin but all the time the little sods darling children strip their pjamas off before morning i figure its warm enough grin

SammyK Thu 09-Oct-08 12:22:17

We are still not turning the heating on yet either, am determined.

We have pjs, slippers, hot water bottles, etc at the ready but so far a fleecy blanket on the sofa is enough here for now.

hauntinghippoami Thu 09-Oct-08 12:24:18

No heating on as yet. We are all wearing thick socks and warm slippers, and have put a thick duvet on the sofa for snuggeling under whilst watching tv of an evening smile
Hot water bottles are at the ready for when it gets colder, and we have swept the chimney ready for real fires smile

Bring it on!! We are ready for it and are hoping to last until Nov 1 at the very least, but longer if we can...

whoops Thu 09-Oct-08 12:24:30

Mine is still of and if dh had it his way it would never go on hmm
Might have to put it on soon though as ds came down freezing this morning sad

miffymum Thu 09-Oct-08 12:25:07

We've still got the heating off but the weather is beautiful today (darn sarf too). Big jumpers on in the evenings though and an extra blanket on the bed. Have lit a fire in the front room one sunday afternoon though - in a grate, not randomly, that would be silly.

SaintRiven Thu 09-Oct-08 12:26:41

still off but I have 4 layers on and early morning is a bit nippy. Its warmer outside than it is inside the house (thick stone walls)

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 09-Oct-08 12:26:45

Still not! but am looking for good patterns for fingerless gloves. I've worked out that its mostly just my hands and feet that are cold.
Currently 17.6C in here was 16.6C this morning indoors - low outdoors was 1.6C just before dawn.

Overmydeadbody Thu 09-Oct-08 12:29:26

I've put it on three times so far, once for three hours and the other two time for 2 hrs.

It hasn't been on since monday though.

kerryk Thu 09-Oct-08 12:30:13

still not on here grin

Tiggiwinkle Thu 09-Oct-08 12:32:29

Mine's off-because the (2 year old) boiler has broken down sad!
Man is trying to fix it with no luck so far!

beanieb Thu 09-Oct-08 12:33:22

We've had ours on about 3 times just for an hour or so.

piratecat Thu 09-Oct-08 12:33:46

still holding on here, very tempted last week but the sun is now shining.

SaintRiven Thu 09-Oct-08 12:33:57

we might put it on soon. Cos of dd. Cos she is quadraplegic she can't shiver or keep warm and she's so thin so there's nothing to keep body heat in.
But we can only afford to heat the one room. Its why she wont have another shower till spring. There's no heat upstairs and after 3 years, the adapted bathroom downstairs still hasn't been built.

phdlife Thu 09-Oct-08 12:41:53

we haven't cracked yet.

I suggested to dh we try to go until we leave (end of November) without - I do love a challenge - but he informed me that was lalaloony talk grin

forevercleaning Thu 09-Oct-08 12:43:26

we cracked, but only using it for a quick blast when its chilly. Not using the timer yet, (cos tht is set to come on 3 times a day) blush

Jux Thu 09-Oct-08 12:45:36

No heating here cos we're hard. Shivering a bit when sitting still for any length of time, eg when studying. Actually, it's quite warm today.

WouldYouCouldYouWithAGoat Thu 09-Oct-08 12:45:44

dh turned it on this morning but i snapped it off the minute he left the house.

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