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how to protect my clothes in the dryer?

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beforesunrise Wed 08-Oct-08 15:43:54

i was wondering if any crafy mnetter has a great tip to protect clothes from burning to a crisp and ageing quickly (and also needing to be ironed!) in the tumble dryer. small flat, so cant afford to dry my clothes any other way.


OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 08-Oct-08 23:22:12

I've never burned anything to a crisp in a tumbler (and I've tumbled silk blush) and surely the point of a tumbler is that it reduces creasing? Trick is not to put too many clothes in at a time - they need room to move - and to remove them asap after the cycle finishes. It'll take trial and error - my tumbler is about 10 years old and on the usual "hot" (as opposed to the alternative "cool") temperature takes 70 minutes to dry roughly half a load of washing.

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