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Can't sew but feeling much fabric do I need to make curtains & blinds?

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mummyineedyounow Sat 04-Oct-08 21:35:49

I have recently struggled to sew name labels into DD's first school uniform so am not sure how crazy this is but.....I am planning on making curtains for childrens bedroom as I can't find anything suitable/right size to fit the windows. We are off to a fabic warehouse tomorrow morning and I'm not sure how much fabric I'll need, please can you help?

Its a bay window and the width is 262cm and drop is 135cm.

I'm also thinking of making a roller blind for the 2nd window which measures 54cm wide x 128cm drop.

Any help with how much fabric I need to buy and tips on making curtains/blinds most gratefully received!

cathcat Sat 04-Oct-08 23:27:36

Can't say exactly but be careful if you buy something with a repeating pattern as you need to allow extra for that. I think you need to add on 2 and a half times the length of the repeated part but that may not be right.
Never done a roller blind but have done a roman blind - you need much less fabric than for curtains.
The staff in the shop should be able to tell you how much you need and sell you all the extra bits you need. get plenty thread, nothing worse than running out. Put pics on your profile when you are done!

mummyineedyounow Wed 08-Oct-08 07:01:06

Thanks Cathcat. I have the fabric and book, just need to pluck up the courage to begin!

I've decided to try and make a roman blind instead of the roller blind as apparently you can't blackout the fabric for a roller blind without having them made for you (which works out expensive).

Can anyone tell me if you can put blackout liing on a roman blind? TIA

SqueakyPop Wed 08-Oct-08 07:03:41

You need 3x the width for curtains.

The length is the length of the window to just a few mm above the ledge, plus enough to do the hems top and bottom.

I would suggest going to the library to get out a book on curtains and blinds.

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