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Anyone tell me when my delivery by courier is going to come??

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cathcat Mon 29-Sep-08 19:47:56

Didn't know where to post this. Ordered 2 items from Photobox, I think they are in London. An email at 6 this morning said they had been dispatched. Do you think they will come tonight? I am in Scotland but not remote. I need these items for tomorrow.
[cat on hot tin roof emoticon]

Frizbe Mon 29-Sep-08 19:49:06

Do you have a tracking number? if so you can find out where they are, if not I reckon your looking at tomorrow earliest

cathcat Mon 29-Sep-08 19:57:52

no I can't find a tracking number. Have I just paid £7 for the same speed as First Class then?

whomovedmychocolate Mon 29-Sep-08 20:01:06

Photobox post from near me, most stuff comes next day. It's unusual for it to take longer than that unless you have ordered photobooks etc. I'm a real fan of theirs and get a lot of stuff from them and I've never paid for quicker postage and always get next day delivery anyway - so I guess they must use a courier or recorded delivery for the extra delivery? Either way I'd call them. They will no doubt be there by 10am in any case.

cathcat Mon 29-Sep-08 20:05:59

I have always found them quick too so I was hoping they would be here in time, although I paid the extra just to be sure. Their phone line opens at nine so will phone if they don't turn up before then.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 29-Sep-08 20:14:33

AFAIK all their stuff goes by Royal Mail so I assume you've got a next day (10:30) signed for delivery.

But I just looked on their site and it says:

There is no tracking available for standard first class delivery but some of our delivery methods can be tracked. These are Royal Mail recorded delivery, Royal Mail Special Delivery, Royal Mail AirSure international, Initial Citylink overnight courier and FedEx International Priority. If you have received a tracking reference in your dispatch confirmation email please visit our track and trace page.

cathcat Mon 29-Sep-08 20:25:23

I don't have a tracking ref and I tried the track and trace page but it couldn't find the page.
If it coming tomorrow do you think it will be here by 10.30? I have my friends mum who possibly could wait in the house for it. I have to leave at 9.45 (my dad's funeral).
I did email photobox and give them the hotel address too, maybe they will send it there.
I am getting totally worked up about this, haven't even got DC's to bed. Tell me to stop obsessing about it!! sad

whomovedmychocolate Mon 29-Sep-08 21:33:10

Stop obsessing about it. Yes it'll be there by 10:30 if it's special delivery. Sorry about your dad!

cathcat Wed 01-Oct-08 15:31:16

Well it is Wed afternoon and I am still waiting. This company are about to get a stinking letter of complaint.

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