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whoever told me on here about baby oil for shining my stainless steel kettle

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lucysmam Fri 26-Sep-08 20:27:27

You are a genius! It's shiny like new again!! Thank-you smile

moondog Fri 26-Sep-08 20:37:00

It's LM, the domestic goddess!
(But is it all greasy now?)

hotmama Fri 26-Sep-08 20:38:50

We do this - it's a Jamie Oliver top tip I think. Also wipe our laminate kitchen tops - makes them look more like granite! (Don't put too much on though!)

lucysmam Sat 27-Sep-08 08:43:35

pmsl@domestic goddess moondog, it's not! surprisingly enough . . . I polished with a tea towel afterwards & it looks lovely

<wanders off to preen domestic goddess flouncy hair wink >

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