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Thursday Fly

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TheMadHouse Thu 25-Sep-08 08:54:16


baby steps

sagacious Thu 25-Sep-08 09:05:57

Morning mad
Back from school run
Just had breakfast
Off to clear kitchen


TheMadHouse Thu 25-Sep-08 09:09:07

Morning all

DS2 headbutted me accidently this morning and I have had a missive nose bleed. Ended up putting the two of us in the shower sad it has stopped now though, so things resume as normal.

We are off to do the weekly shop this morning, dont really need a lot, but could do with doing into the nearest town to pay in a cheque.

DH is finnishing early to go to his uncles funeral, but my mum is at the hospital, so no chance of me going as no one to look after the mini mads.

So to do

Mop floor
Go to the post office
Go to the building society
Ds1 to preschool
DS2 nap time

cafebistro Thu 25-Sep-08 09:20:12

Good Morning Everyone

Madhouse Ouch! Hope you're nose is feeling better!

DS got up at a decent time this morning....7.45am! So I feel half human.

To Do-

Go to post office to post present
Put w/m on
Tidy kitchen
Declutter/tidy bedroom
Hoover throughout
Clean mirrors

lucysmam Thu 25-Sep-08 09:39:02

good morning ladies

Mad you really don't seem to be having a fab week! Hope your nose isn't too sore!

cafebistro wanna swap lo's? could do with a lie in til 7:45. Mine was up at 5am again angry

I've been super busy this morning again, my plan was to get everything done 1st thing then spend the day with the lo. Yeah right! Because she's ben up since 5am she's gettin very crabby atm so I have banished her to her bedroom to entertain herself and have time out for an hour otherwise my head's going to explode listening to her screams.

She's soooooo dramatic . . . . no idea where she gets that from wink

I've done all the usual stuff plus put oh's footy kit back in his bag. Wm is on with half a load of lights shock as lo has run out of socks blush. I blame the wm, think it eats them hmm

Am going to have a cuppa whilst I s&s bathroom and kitchen and then go see what lo is up to. She's singing to herself atm, very funny but am hoping she goes to sleep for an hour before we do anything else

Anyways, very long and whiney, sorry smile

I'll bbl with a small list of stuff I need to get done today.

Hope you're all having a good day xx

sagacious Thu 25-Sep-08 10:00:06

Thanks to whoever mentioned panto tickets yesterday.

Have ordered mine this morning (and dh has promised to take a day off work to come along as well)

DS (6) looked a bit non plussed when I said it was Cinderella (thats for girls) Oh well (dd(4) is very excited and planning her Cinderella outfit .. not sure if she thinks SHE will be on stage hmm)

mad Ouch

minorbird Thu 25-Sep-08 10:55:06

Morning all*,

your poor nose! They seem to have heads of steel don't they!

cafe glad you got a better start to the day although, can you remember when 7:45 used to be getting up early and not a lie in!

Lucysmam well done on the early start, might as well make the most of it!

Saga my mum used to take me to the panto every year when I was a little one, I larved it! And am a bit of a theatrical type myself, so you could be inspiring your DC there!

I've sacrificed housework for the gym this morning and now, I'm going to be running round like a loon, to get the house straight before picking up DD cos we're going straight to my cousins for lunch. So DC can play together. Then I have to get home to cook DH dinner and get DD ready for bed before running club. Its not easy trying to be a health freak and fly lady and a mother!

And on that note, I best get off and do something! Have a good one. smile

TheMadHouse Thu 25-Sep-08 12:00:05

Hi all

Lunch is cooling leftover sausage and mash from lastnight.

Shopping was a trial, town OK, but they both kicked off aldi. Why they dont have straps on the trollys and a loo. DS1 had to use the staff one and DS2 is adept at climbing free smile

Nose is OK, apart from I forgot and blew it - cue second large bleed. Never had one before to tell the truth.

2 larger splints arrived in the post hmm. I will try again tonight.

Will be back with a todo list once I get DS1 to preschool and DS2 to bed

tigger32 Thu 25-Sep-08 12:34:25

Hello All

Have just had a wonderful morning on my own shock grin
Dropped los off at school/nursery and headed for a manicure and eyebrow wax
Went to clarkes and got new boots
went to favorite coffee shop and coffee and chocolate waffle
Then did a few chores in town and walked home.
I feel really good now smile (never thought I would take flylady up on her pamper mission suggestions) thank you flylady!

Anyway going to pick ds2 up from nursery then
make pizza dough
sort filing cabinet out for 15mins
ironing 30 mins
Pick up ds1 and go and get my hair cut
mission for today

scattyspice Thu 25-Sep-08 12:50:34

Afternoon. smile

saga Panto tickets, thats what i forgot (tsk), LOL at your DD!! Our local panto is at the Am Dram theatre so usually a cross between X factor and a school play, but much fun!!

tigger good for you girl smile, you certainly packed alot into a morning (envy at the manicure).

To Doo
Reboot laundry
Haircut (yay)

TheMadHouse Thu 25-Sep-08 13:20:19

Wow Tigger Sounds like a fantastic day TBH.

I am actually looking forward to finding a playgroup that DS2 can go to a couple of hours a week, so I can have a bit of me time. It will be nearly 4 years since I had anytime on my own.

I have shopped
put it away
fixed the train table - lookout woman with drill
taken delivery of my playmobil priate ship for DS1 and Little tykes shop for DS2. So they are definatly finnished Christmas wise. Just waiting for the balance bike delivery

I need to

Mop ground floor
Pizza dough
15 mins in each room
collect DS2

rowingboat Thu 25-Sep-08 13:38:58

Hi everyone*
did you ever sort out your bed? I remember you saying you needed a new mattress.
TMH Ow! Your poor nose! Was it one of those backwards headbutts? I have had them before, little darlings aren't they! shock
To do today
go to library done
hang out washing done
wash up 5 mins done
kitchen rescue 5 mins done
phone car insurance done
phone bank done
s&s bathroom
2 mins of reminders
read 5 babysteps
make dinner
make lunch done
dressed done
drink water
15 minute declutter bedroom cupboard
tidy away Asda shop done
put away three lots of laundry
put two lots of laundry into airing cupboard
washing on for night wash

That's it
Mums coming over this afternoon and DP is picking up his mum and dad from the airport,so we could have quite a few visitors.

Shannaratiger Thu 25-Sep-08 13:55:09

Aftnoon all

Nothign done today again. Toddlers this morning wtih birthday party, lots of peoples birthdays all together, I can't believe ds is 2 tomorrow.

sad I'm really struggling getting anything done atm, I keep crying everytime I think about dc's birthdays and christmas. I think I'm definately suffering with depression and it's getting worse. I know dp really doesn't want me to take anti- depressents, but I think for everyones sake I'm going to have to or I'm goign to become a blubberign heap.sad

Sorry I know that was really depressing, ds is just waking up from his nap.
BBL hopefully feeling more cheerful

tigger32 Thu 25-Sep-08 14:36:21

shannar Poor you! I would definately get yourself to doctors re depression, it may not mean antidepressants, you could try counciling.
I have been taking antidepressants for almost a year now and am feeling much better, I am hoping to have my dose reduced soon!
I've had counciling too and that helped a bit, have you tried it?
There is a big stigma over antids but the more people you talk to the more you'll find that have either been on or are on them or have someone close that is.
My dh didn't want me to take them but now is glad I did!
Please get some help, not just for your families sake but for you too!
Sorry if I've gone a bit but I hope I may have helped smile and hugs for you

tigger32 Thu 25-Sep-08 14:41:13

Wow RB you have been busy!
Mad my godson has that pirate ship he loves it, well done with christmes shopping/

I have managed to get through my list

ironing done
pizza dough made
mission done

Still to do
sort filing out (15 mins) would take days if I did it all) blush
Put ironing away
put pizza together

Right off to get ds1 from school and to get my hair cut

OOHH postman just bought my London Eye tickets grin

rowingboat Thu 25-Sep-08 14:55:14

Oh Shannara, I really feel for you. I get the blues, but haven't taken ADs before.
Could it be a hormonal thing at all, have you had blood tests at all, just to rule out imbalances/thyroid trouble and that kind of thing? After my LO was born I felt horrible for a while and I went to a herbalist who thought it was a hormone imbalance. I didn't get bloods done, but I wish I had now.
Are you getting outside for a walk and things like that, it can help lift your mood.
Counselling sounds like a good idea as well, if it help you break thought patterns that are making you feel worse.
I have been reading 'Feel the fear' and it offers a really interesting view on fear/decisions. Another thing I have found a bit useful is Emotional Freedom Technique (google it) where you repeat affirmations and tap certain points. I found the affirmations did help.
I was getting a bit over-whelmed when I didn't do much flying for a while. Do you think Flying helps your mood, or not?
Just rambling away here, because I know it's rotten to feel depressed and I hope you are feeling a bit better very very soon.

TheMadHouse Thu 25-Sep-08 15:16:26

Shanna I think you know I am on ADs and have had CBT - nothing to be ashamed off

I have collected the boy from Preschool and he is having an hour on the PC.

I have cleaned all the kitchen tops
Polished the sitting room and dinning room

Fixed the train table

I need to get the washer on
Sort the pizza dough

lucysmam Thu 25-Sep-08 15:29:09

afternoon everyone

rowingboat am still shopping around for a mattress or a bed we can actually afford! Thought ordering from would be a good idea as we could pay monthly. . . erm nope! Not unless we wanna spend £500 ish on a bed hmm So still looking & waking up achey

lo's just back, catch up properly in a mo smile

scattyspice Thu 25-Sep-08 16:39:18

Hi all.

shock at the price of beds Lucy. Would a different pillow help? I bought a memory foam one from Asda (£15), helped my sore neck and back pain.

sad Shanna, I'd definately talk to GP. Have you read any self help books (I read them all the time!)

All done except mission. smile

grouchyoscar Thu 25-Sep-08 17:09:46

Hello Everybody <<Grouchy Waves>>

It's been a long day. I did a morning's ETA work with Year 3/4 Juniors, home and cleaned up after the boys then off to collect one from school, do homework with him and next we are off swimming.

Hope all are well. Positive vibes for B and Tiger

I only popped on to find a bus timetable hmm

rowingboat Thu 25-Sep-08 17:57:51

Hi again,
did you find CBT helpful. TMH*
I am trying to look busy, by writing down everything I do. grin
Lucys my nan has a feather mattress topper which was about £100 for a double. Not sure if you can get those in catalogue though.
Is your actual bed done in as well as the mattress?
How is DD now, is she a bit happier?
To do today
go to library done
hang out washing done
wash up 5 mins done
kitchen rescue 5 mins done
phone car insurance done
phone bank done
s&s bathroom done
2 mins of reminders
read 5 babysteps
make dinner done
make lunch done
dressed done
vitamins done
drink water doing
15 minute declutter bedroom cupboard
tidy away Asda shop done
put away three lots of laundry done
put two lots of laundry into airing cupboard done
Hopefully, I will feel a bit more on top of things when I get back into flying.

washing on for night wash

TheMadHouse Thu 25-Sep-08 18:08:31

RB CBT was a lifesaver for me. I was suffering quite badly with PND and was really on the edge. The metal health team here oulled out all the stops to treat me ASAP and in my own home - so that the boys were not affected, as that was one of my biggest worries that I was a pants mum.

Washer is on
Pizza has been ate
Baths are done
Boys are watching carli and lola with dadddy and crumpets
We are all in PJ's

It is my mums birthday tomorrow, so need to wrap up her little pressie

rowingboat Thu 25-Sep-08 18:20:15

That sounds like a great health service you have there TMH. Is your Mum any better?
Strangely, I have just had an Asda shop and I thought 'hmm, crumpets, we haven't had those for aaages' so we now have some. Yum!

cafebistro Thu 25-Sep-08 19:50:07

Evening All

had a very strange non- productive day ( mmm, not sure if thats even a word.) The house isnt too bad but I havent managed to keep on top of things like I have been doing. Nevermind...there's always tomorrow smile.

Shannaratiger sad that you're feeling depressed. You're not on your own. Ive taken antidepressants in the past ( as have lots of people on here it seems) and they really helped.

lucysmam Thu 25-Sep-08 19:52:26

good evening everyone!

Shannar sorry to hear you're feeling so down, I agree with everyoe else, some counselling & a trip to gp would be a good idea.

Mad wish I'd been in pj's at 6pm envy

rowingboat I think it's the whole bed, it makes some lovely squeaky noises when we move blush or have an hour in the bedroom & I've been waking up achey for ages now. Mattress topper may be something to look out for for now though & scatty memory foam pillow may help with my neck so will pop it on my list to look for in town at weekend

DD is still a PITA rowingboat still skids loads . . . every nappy today has had skids but no actual poo iykwim. & she's starting to get very very cranky the past few days. Think she's feeling a bit run down tbh

I've done loads today, too much to be bothered to list it! & havebeen pottering whilst oh is at footy too making a crumble and shortbread and flapjacks and cooking some fish & bits and pieces. Also took everything off kitchen sides while I was in there & cleaned them properly.

Am off to get something sweet to munch while I wait for oh to get in so I can cook the crumble, hope you all have a good evening xx

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