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Those side-by-side F/Freezers, Samsung ones with water dispenser only ...

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Jodee Wed 24-Sep-08 23:38:28

anyone have one? (I'm pretty sure someone did...) Really want a side by side as we have had kitchen/diner revamped, but the space for FF is a looooong way from mains waterand sink to run the pipes(I must have the largest working triangle going!)

Would have liked the ice maker, but will settle for the water only (think it's the one where you fill it by hand and it has a Brita filter).

psychomum5 Wed 24-Sep-08 23:41:44

we have one with a water dispenser, but we fill it up ourselves, so no need to be plumbed in.

Jodee Wed 24-Sep-08 23:46:32

Thank you psychomum, I had a feeling it was you who had one! I don't mind filling it, are you happy with the capacity of fridge and freezer, had any problems with it?

psychomum5 Wed 24-Sep-08 23:49:57

love it. the freezer could do with being bigger I have to say, but then I have five kiddies so that has a lot to do with itwink!

fridge wise it is perfect. plenty of room, and I even get to fit all five lunchboxes in it overnight.

when (if, depends on planninghmm) I finally get my futility room I am having a second one to put in there, for times such as xmas and easter when I need the extra fridge and freezer space. would like to say I will have one with an ice despenser in the next one, but I probably wont as I value my freezer space.

psychomum5 Wed 24-Sep-08 23:52:53

oh, and the only problems we have had have been the water dispenser leaking, which with one phone call was sorted within a week.

and one of our crisper trays broke, again, replace really simply.

we now have a cracked floor tho, courtesy of DS2 trying to climb in it (angry), but it does not effect the working of it.

oh, and the blurb saying that the freezer stays 'frost-free'.......

all true

ours is now almost 6yrs old, and going strong!

Jodee Wed 24-Sep-08 23:57:21

Ahh to have a futility room! sounds just like minor glitches that are easily fixed, then.

Amen to frost free! grin

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 00:00:34

believe me, I am dreaming of the day I get my futility room.

and then I will be all bouncy like trinity has been about her sex-frudgewinkgrin.

yep, all glitches on mine were minor, and with the warranty, easily fixed.

and the men fixing them.......very nice men!

Jodee Thu 25-Sep-08 00:12:55

<<most intrigued, off to search out trinity's sex-frudge thread>>

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