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Is it OK to NOT have a toilet brush in your bathroom?

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uberalice Wed 24-Sep-08 15:48:35

I've got a toddler who delights in bringing me a dripping toilet brush several times a day, wherever I am in the house and whatever I'm doing. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a toilet brush phobic which doesn't help, but I'm considering putting it away so it can only be used to clean the toilet, and isn't available for "casual users". Is that OK or not?

MarlaSinger Wed 24-Sep-08 15:52:23

I don't have one. They're gross.

ledodgy Wed 24-Sep-08 15:52:24

Yes it's fine we haven't got one for the same reason.

platypussy Wed 24-Sep-08 15:54:49

Horrid things! We dont have one in the house. We use the stick thingy with flushable parazone wipes.

MrsBates Wed 24-Sep-08 15:57:25

I think they are horrible - just a load of festering bacteria in a nest of bristle. I shove my hand down there and scrub with throwaway thing and then wash in obsessive Lady Macbeth kind of way.

midnightexpress Wed 24-Sep-08 15:59:54

I agree (have the same problem myself), but I also think that 'casual users' grin may need SIL uses the stick thingy too, and I am always a little when we're there as I don't know where she keeps it.

So I shall remain on the fence and see what everyone else has to say.

mabel1973 Wed 24-Sep-08 16:01:39

don't have one.
for all the reasons mentioned above.
Just chuck bleach down to get rid of any know...stains...

NoblesseOblige Wed 24-Sep-08 16:03:46

i do not DO loo brushes. much ickness.

we have toilet duck flushables - i figure the stick bit is ok (but is kept in a dark corner anyway!).

happystory Wed 24-Sep-08 16:05:35

Ugh no, they are vile. Can't bear the thought of them. Ds would (maybe) use it but then it would be in a worse state than the loo was in the first place....bleurgh

DaphneMoon Wed 24-Sep-08 16:14:56

No they are bacteria ridden revolting things. I use toilet cleaner and toilet tissue, flush and finish off with bleach.

katiepotatie Wed 24-Sep-08 16:28:13

I don't have one either, they are gross! Hand down they pan with a throw away cloth here too.

WowOoo Wed 24-Sep-08 16:50:16

We have one hidden away behind toilet as my dh needs to use it as otherwise I am forever cleaning it. It's a cheapo Ikea one that I replace often and leave down the loo when it's full of bleach.
DC do not touch it ever...they think it's dangerous and it probably is!!

rowingboat Wed 24-Sep-08 18:14:25

I got rid of ours before our LO came along and replaced it with a toilet duck thingy with a gripper bit at the end which holds a disposable pad.
I only use the stick and normal toilet paper because the pads are too expensive and full of chemicals - which I thought of as one more thing to keep out of the reach of children. I just make a wad of loo roll and hold that with the gripper then flush it.
Mind you we are in a soft water area, so don't have limescale.
I keep the stick up high, which reminds me to clean it frequently.

uberalice Wed 24-Sep-08 20:11:06

Hooray! I've chucked it in the bin. How liberating!

expatinscotland Wed 24-Sep-08 20:15:17

i use the disposable toilet duck thingie.

and now they've brought out a disk to stick in the bowl.

i got that, too.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 24-Sep-08 20:17:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 24-Sep-08 20:17:30

Toilet brushes are VILE. I would not have one in my house, never mind in teh bathroom <boak>

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 24-Sep-08 20:17:50

Har har - hello Malory! grin

SorenLorensen Wed 24-Sep-08 20:20:56

I've never used one - never in my life. I think I'm a bit Howard Hughes about them. Can't understand why anyone would want a poo-encrusted brush festering away in the corner of the bathroom <<<shudder>>>

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 24-Sep-08 20:22:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VanillaPumpkin Wed 24-Sep-08 20:24:49

I don't have one, never really understood them. Revolting things. Yuk.

Dragonbutter Wed 24-Sep-08 20:26:03

i feel sick. i don't know why people have toilet brushes.

expatinscotland Wed 24-Sep-08 20:26:05

i've never used one, either.


parazone wipes and the toilet duck thingie all the way.

the toilet duck disc thingie, too.

blowsy Wed 24-Sep-08 20:27:52

Toilet brushes make me sick, vile things - and extremely naff too.

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 24-Sep-08 20:29:45

OMG - can you imagine actually buying a toilet brush, gift wrapping it and presenting it as a wedding gift? ROFL!!

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