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Been given some clothes for DS.............

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sneekpeeks Tue 23-Sep-08 20:59:23

I washed them, dried them on the washing line and then on the airer over night and then when I went to iron them I noticed that they smelt awful hmm

Thought maybe been in her loft for a while, so washed them again, but they still stink !

Should I give them up as a lost cause or does anybody have any ideas ??

Such a shame cos some really nice jumpers and bits for the winter.

Thanks smile

thisisyesterday Tue 23-Sep-08 21:02:00

shove them in the washing machine with a load of bicarb instead of washing powder, then line dry again

chloemegjess Tue 23-Sep-08 21:29:44

Did they def smell before you washed them? Have you used yoru washer since? Just wondering if it was something in the washer rather than the clothes as one wash should be plenty. 90% of DDs clothes were second hand and some smelt a bit funny but I have never needed to wash more than once.

If not, maybe trying hanging outside?

I def wouldnt give up. Or at least, if you do, then give them away rather than dump them.

sneekpeeks Wed 24-Sep-08 10:00:19

Thanks thisis, will try that.

Chloe : we're washed in a normal 30 wash with our stuff and nothing else smells just the bits given.
Have line dried twice and still abit whiffy !
Practically all DS clothes second hand and nothing has smelt this bad before.
I would return them to my friend, I wouldnt just dump !

belcantwait Wed 24-Sep-08 10:13:32

its not wool stuff is it? wool smells truly dreadful when it is wet, after a wash, once its dry it will smell fine.

sneekpeeks Wed 24-Sep-08 10:47:45

Nope, no wool items.
Its not musty, but just a unpleasent pong. Maybe like they have been sick or dribbled on and left in a washing basket for a few days before washing............maybe Im just being picky blush

Jux Wed 24-Sep-08 10:57:51

You may have to smother them in something like Vanish before you wash them; or soak them first; or put them on a hotter wash.

stewart2000 Wed 24-Sep-08 11:11:18

plenty of comfort & they will be fine

Buda Wed 24-Sep-08 13:26:05

Hotter wash. Try 40.

chloemegjess Wed 24-Sep-08 17:30:36

I would say do them on a hotter wash. at least 40.

PinkTulips Wed 24-Sep-08 17:34:36

definitely echo the hotter wash idea, 30 is no good for nasty smells ime

did you use fabric softner? should improve things a bit

stealthsquiggle Wed 24-Sep-08 17:36:42

soak in biotex for a while - it's good at removing stinkiness.

sneekpeeks Wed 24-Sep-08 19:45:06

Thanks everyone smile
I have used fabric softener.
Will soak in something and then wash in a 40 wash

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