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Roomsprays, anybody use them? Help needed!

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pickie Tue 23-Sep-08 12:03:12

What is a good one to use? Nice smelling and lasting that is?

Bought Branche d'Olive over the weekend (roomspray) but find that initially it is very strong and wears of very quickly and like something a bit more subtle and lasting IYSWIM

nickytwotimes Tue 23-Sep-08 12:04:35

Distilled water and a few drops of essential oil make a good, cheap and natural spray if you are interested?
Also, I like Laura Ashley's.

pickie Tue 23-Sep-08 12:07:43

Thanks Nickytwotimes, very good idea to make your own!

nickytwotimes Tue 23-Sep-08 12:18:30

I am such a scrouge, lol!

nickytwotimes Tue 23-Sep-08 12:24:45

pickie Tue 23-Sep-08 12:40:35

lol cheers Nicky, off to get some nice oils in town and raid DH shed for distilled water!

CountessDracula Tue 23-Sep-08 12:41:48

I think these things make your house smell like a loo that someone has done a poo in and sprayed stuff to cover it up

Just open the windows!

pickie Tue 23-Sep-08 15:50:07

CD agree(d) with you till I tried this Branche d'Olive stuff, smells really nice and not like a cheap smell that is too intrusive IYSWIM

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