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bigTillyMint Mon 22-Sep-08 12:43:37

I have just picked well over 100 apples from our tiny tree (and there are still more, out of reach!) - what do I do with them to keep them fresh for as long as possible?!

FourArms Mon 22-Sep-08 12:47:10

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captainmummy Mon 22-Sep-08 12:49:10

Cook 'em! Freeze 'em. Make apple jelly - i've got a recipe for apple and chilli(or rosemary) jelly that's great on cheeseor ham .

bellavita Mon 22-Sep-08 13:25:57

Wrap each one in newspaper and store in a box in the garage. They will keep for a good while.

stealthsquiggle Mon 22-Sep-08 13:28:48

you need one of these

bigTillyMint Mon 22-Sep-08 13:58:01

Ha Ha SS! The apples are lovely desert apples, but some are very small - just peeled a few that looked like they had bad bits to make a crumble, and they are rather fiddly!

Think I will be giving a few away to friends!

stealthsquiggle Mon 22-Sep-08 14:04:54

I wasn't kidding, actually blush - I have one (admittedly bought in a sale at half price) and it is fab - our apples actually get peeled and frozen instead of sitting around rotting waiting for me to have time to do it.... and DS(5) will even do them for me given half a chance.

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