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Weekend FLYing

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Shannaratiger Sat 20-Sep-08 03:43:08

Morning all



Shannaratiger Sat 20-Sep-08 03:56:01

I know it's the middle of the night but DS has get me awake all night crying and coughing inhis sleep. hmm
We're picking the car uptoday. not quite sure if any of our cards will allow £900 in one transaction. sad
Tort prepaid credit card, where do I get one? We always save money shopping online esp. with the help of the Tesco code thread on MN, but keeping track of it is a nightmare.

I'm going to try and get ds back to bed now.
Have a good morning everyone.

BiancaCastafiore Sat 20-Sep-08 09:04:18

I hope you managed to get back to sleep Shanna
Tesco order is a good idea Tort

We had fun at the egg throwing contest last night - basically it's teams of two and whichever team throws and catches a raw egg the furthest without it breaking wins! The winners managed about 22meters!! It was a good evening
For those of you that know me on fb I have uploaded some pics of dd in her fancy dress costume onto my profile page Ds is currently refusing to try his outfit on angry He'd better put it on at parade time!

cafebistro Sat 20-Sep-08 09:08:40

Hi everyone smile

Tiger hope you got back to bed and have managed a lie in.

Ive been up since 6am with DS and he's been in a bad mood all morning because he's so tired sad. Was very close to flipping this morning during breakfast when DS wouldnt sit and eat and was just running round the table screaming....Thats what lack of sleep does to you! DP gave me a hug and told me to 'walk away' whenever he got close to winding me up today. We also briefly discussed the option of me going back to work full time and him staying at home with the DC's I just feel it would be a bit of a cop out on my part....going back to work because I couldnt cope with a 3 year old ( DS is 6 months and an angel..though im sure that will change at some point!)Anyway rant over...that was very cathartic!!smile


Washing on line
W/m on
DC's fed and dressed
D/w on

To do-

Make beds
Get dressed
Walk to the shop
Write letter to registration office
Sort out more clothes for charity

cafebistro Sat 20-Sep-08 09:10:47

I meant DD is 6 months blush

TheMadHouse Sat 20-Sep-08 09:39:05

Argggggggggggggggg DS1 wert the bed again and was up from 5am. DH got up with him, but he is a monster mood.

DH is just making the sandwiches for our day out.

He has even washed the bedding and it is all on the line dring.
He did the DW
Also hung an additional load of washing.

I do love him blush

lucysmam Sat 20-Sep-08 09:47:20

morning everyone smile

Shannar I'm often up with m lo at that ungodly hour, hope you managed to get some sleep! smile

Bianca outfit looks fab, really good job! Wish I was more creative. Lol @ the egg throwing contest description, sounds messy grin

cafebistro there's nothing wrong with going back to work if it's the right decision for you you know! I've debated it often but am happier here, in charge of the lo and the house for the mo

Well . . . after a lovely, restful night's sleep, my lo is being a monster angry. She's done nothing but whinge n cry since getting out of bed which is driving me potty but really winding oh up this morning. Have sent him to get a shower and then crack on with some stuff around the house.

Very small list to do today:

pots away
bacon sarnies for oh and myself
make beds
wash footy stuff for oh for tomorrow morning
virtual wander around asda to see what's on offer
rummage through freezer to see how much stuff is actually in there hmm
possibly a crumble of some variety
find out how to make mulled wine (thinking of a bottle wth ingredients & instructions and a couple of nice glass mugs for dad n sis for xmas)
bake loaf of bread
see if mil wll have lo next Sat so we can go watch Liverpool Vs Everton in town

Just wondered cafebistro are you going to give meal planning a go? Online shopping saves me money as well, as I don't get side tracked by offers, it's soooooo easy its unreal & there's often discount codes about to save money

ludaloo Sat 20-Sep-08 10:38:18

Morning All

smile tort I'm Soooo pleased for you, it must be a hell of a lot easier for you to shop online.

It is really sunny here today. I have to do a food shop at some point.
I'm going to try and find the Vosesne 3-in-1 shampoo MN are advertising and see if it helps with head lice at all.
DD1 has sensitive skin so treatments all the time aren't so good for her scalp. Maybe the shampoo will be ok and make treatments a bit less.

minorbird Sat 20-Sep-08 11:02:30

Morning Shanara,bianca,cafe,TMH,lucysmamandluda and all who follow,

Blimey Shanara havent been up at that hour (apart from to put light on and tuck DD back in) for a long time. Do feel for you. Hope you got back to bed. smile

cafe a 6am start on a saturday is no fun! Hope you have an easy day. Acutally, just reading down the thread, it seems everyones LO have been early starters today!

Mine was up in the night breifly, as been night waking since being put in her big bed but goes straight back to sleep. TG! Just wish she'd go back to sleeping through, I dont like broken nights!

Today, is big clean day but there's not much to do because thanks to FLY I am on top of things! My mother is taking DD for the afternoon to buy new shoes and shes staying over, so I've got 24 hours to myself! (Oh and DH of course, but no doubt he will be sleeping/footballing etc...) So I'm going to run and gym and then have a takeaway this evening and a bottle of my favourite white! Bliss! grin

Jas Sat 20-Sep-08 11:32:48

Big clean up day here, too. IO am child(and dp) free all daygrin I'm hoping to get all the house clean, and paint in herehmm

Sorry I'm not up to date with the threads at all. My house is astarting to suffer from a lack of flying, too.sad

cafe - If going back to work is the right thing for you,don't beat yourslef up about it. I worked part time when dd2 was tiny (for my sanitys sake). It meant I got a break from the screaming, so I was much nicer to be around when I was at home. I probably would have gone back to work full time if I could, but dp would have coped even less well with them both so it wasn't an option here!

cafebistro Sat 20-Sep-08 12:03:46

Still ploughing through my list..


beds made
went to shop for things for tea
more washing on line
had lunch

To do-

write letter for registration
sort clothes for charity
peel potatoes
hotspot- kitchen table
sweep kichen floor
hoover throughout

I just have to share something with everyone as I was so shock and angry. On the way home from the shop earlier I saw a friend in her car with her DC's ( 12 and 24 months) and she pulled over to speak to me as I was waliking with the pram. I couldnt believe she had the 2 year old in the front seat( no car seat) with the seat belt round him. shock. She said " I know I shouldnt let him really but he likes it!" I basically told her that if she had a crash/car went into her etc that he would be killed. I was very harsh but I was livid that she could be so stupid! She looked very embarrassed and put him into the back in his car seat. She probably thought I was a nutter to be ranting on but was so angry!

Lucysmam- Would love to food shop online but they dont deliver to us out in the sticks!

Was thinking about the return to work thing again. I dont think I'd feel guilty working ( I went back after DS was born briefly) but Ive been out for 2 years and to honest im scared to death!sadIm an anxious person anyway but this brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it! sad

Shannaratiger Sat 20-Sep-08 12:17:02


Unfortunately I got back into bed for 10mins before DS threw up all over his bed, and went down hill from their. We've just got back from A & E, NHS direct sent us up their. They are now both on antibiotics for chest infections. Hopefully tonight they'll sleep.
Probably not much flying today. Washing machine done and dried, and sink shined hopefully will get a nap later.
Jas & minorbird enjoy child free day.
lucy on-line shopping saves us loads as well. Haven't managed the meal planning though, not really worth it as everyone here eats a very limited range of food.
TMH envy at DH helping out, you need it thouhg.
cafebistro if you going back to work makes you and DH happy then go for it.
Bianca lol at egg throwing. Will look at the pictures later.

Hope everyone has a good afternoon.

lucysmam Sat 20-Sep-08 13:33:28

Afternoon all

MIL has taken lo (thank god!) to her house on the bus and oh and myself are off for a walk down there shortly. I think she's hit the terrible 2's early!!!! She's throwing some impressive paddies that even I couldn't rival shock

Bianca thought you couldn't get ds to model his outfit! The outfits do look good!
Shannar I wish my lot were limited in what they ate sometimes but I can't complain really because I quite like taking refuge in the kitchen for an hour to cook something up. Also, I am shocked by the diet of the lo I have been looking after . . . sausages x2, smiley faces x about 8!!!! and beans EVERY SINGLE DAY so far this week. Which is hugely limited!

Right, off to check on washing before we head to MIL's.

Sorry if spelling a bit dodgy, my keyboard doesn't seem to want to register half the letters I'm typing so am having to re-type loads! sad

Have a good Saturday afternoon all xx

RubyRioja Sat 20-Sep-08 16:01:54

Hi all,
busy day today. Took back dd's yotoy shoes (bought in July but not worn a great deal) and got full refund!!!! Have replaced with some good startrites.

Also bought dh some smart shoes for new job - they were, without question, the most expensive shoes either of us have ever bought! However he has mega wide feet and said how comfy they were - he does need to up his game a bit re appearance. Being own boss, he lived in shorts and crocs all summer, and boots and sweats all winter. Now needs to be suited and booted. My visa wobbled as he needed two pairs, but also got Timberlands reduced for £80 to 20 and Geox reduced from £45 to £10.

Off to a party next (yay!) and leaving dh with 2/3.

DD1 is being so ratty,annoying, scatty I wonder if her hormones are beginning to change at all. AAARGH!

But date night was fun wink

Shannaratiger Sat 20-Sep-08 16:21:30

I can't do anything. As soon as i put DS down he screams & then coughs. I think we'r having chips for tea!
Lucy fussy kids make food choices fairly easy but you spend the whole time feeling like a rubbish Mum.
Ruby Well done on the shoes. Luckily DD has orthapedic insoles so we're quite limited on what shoes she can have. It's going to be 'battle of the shoe shop, the next generation' soon when she can't get the styles allher friends have. Great deal on the Timberlands adn Geox. Are Geox any good?

DS has just climbed off my lap so I'm escaping to the toilet.!

RubyRioja Sat 20-Sep-08 16:26:11

We will find out!

Also, good cmas buy in Woolies - first Monoploly game (good for numeracy and literacy ) for £5. Loads in stock so you shoudl be able to get one if you want.

EustaciaVye Sat 20-Sep-08 17:54:38

Have had good day. Painted DD1s wooden dolls house with tester pots of paint. Each room is a different colour and the outside is yellow with white windows. Also found my old lundby furniture and I've let her have that. Feeling all sentimental baout my old dolls house and how I loved it so. DD2 has been given the cast offs and we have created a house out fof 2 boxes and vinly floor tiles. She thinks it is great

lucysmam Sat 20-Sep-08 18:27:07

Evening everyone smile

We've had a lovely day at nanna's, lo thinks we're off duty when we're there so mil has been run ragged by whingey 19mo dd grin

have a thumping headache behind my right eye which has come from nowhere sad But have had some painkillers so should hopefully be gone soon. Just having a cuppa & catch up then stir fry n noodles for tea with leftovers from the freezer.

I relised on the walk home that I have no gravy shock which leaves me a bit stuck for something to do with the chops I have out for tomorrow's Sunday lunch!

EV I wish I was creative enough to think of making a dolls house out of boxes for my lo!

You've reminded me I need to get my dollshouse & all it's furniture/dolls from my dad at some point soon, although not sure when I'll see him next hmm

Ruby good job on the shoes! & bargains as well on the other ones! Glad date night was fun, I should make more of an effort on that front I think

Right, finish my cuppa then make tea before a shower . . . . .

cafebistro Sat 20-Sep-08 19:41:25

Evening smile
Managed to get through my whole list today except the ironing but I'll do some tomorrow and then the rest on Tues. DP made the tea when he got in from work grin and now the DC's are bathed and in bed.
DP's friends are coming over tonight to hopefully set up a website for him to start selling his fishing flies which he ties...we both have no idea when it comes to computers!
EV I always wanted a dolls house when I was little...never got one sad. What a fab Mum you are!
Ruby My DS has just got some Geox, 55 euro shock they look like trainers but have leather soles so they're better for their feet.

tortoise Sat 20-Sep-08 20:40:00

Shannara I got my card here (If anyone decides to get one can they do it through me. I get £5 for recommending friend!grinsee)

Had an ok day today. Have dried loads of washing. It has been clear blue sky most of the day. Lovely. grin
Also moved the 13ft trampoline back up the garden to where the pool goes in the summer. It is better there for the kids to use in the winter. Not easy to move on my own lol. Not the 1st time i have done it though so i am used to it!

Also have done about an hour of ironing. And put some washing away. DS's have theirs to do.

Bianca will look at pics in a mo. Will be easier to see them on PC. Mobile pic wasn't very clear on mine phone.

BiancaCastafiore Sat 20-Sep-08 21:15:16

We are home again after a great day

Dd didn't win any fancy dress prizes ( we were robbed by someone in a shock shop bought costumeangry) Still she lost graciously, bless her
Ds, on the other hand came third grin mostly because Ben Kingsley (local celeb who did the judging) liked the stubble I drew on ds's chin!
We had a good day pottering round the fair/stalls/shows etc - parted with too much money as always at that kind of event!
Thsi evening there has been dancing in the street to this brilliant band! Dd and I have had a ball dancing away grin

Bedtime for all now I think.

tortoise Sat 20-Sep-08 21:24:39

They look great Bianca. You did so well. Shame DD didn't win anything but glad she had fun anyway. smile

BiancaCastafiore Sat 20-Sep-08 21:29:00

...she's just had a little cry about not winning It does her no harm to lose sometimes but I drummed into her how we had to make the costume ourselves and then to be beaten by someone who had bought one seems to have got to her a little now she's tired. She did get a free t-shirt from tonighyts band so that has made up for it

tortoise Sat 20-Sep-08 21:38:44

Aww thats a shame. Must be awful to lose to a bought costume. sad

lucysmam Sat 20-Sep-08 22:08:57

Bianca your dd should be proud that you made her costume, much better than shop bought and always more fun IMO smile Well done to DS for coming 3rd!

I am bored, been wandering online asda for a while and have a virtual trolley full of junk useful ingredients grin which I will be looking through again at some point before weds night to order for Friday. Although I like a virtual wander sometimes anyways, look at all the lovely stuff I can't afford to buy or won't buy due to hugely extortionate prices!

Not sure where to head next . . . maybe Lakeland, to fantasise about what I could create if only I had a big enough kitchen to store any of the stuff they sell like the lovely but £25 train (with carriages) cake tin I want to save for for my lo's 2nd birthday. But, oh thinks it's something we don't need, so I think I will have to look for a cheaper alternative or hire one from the market

Or maybe ebay to look at little peoples clothes & feel extremely jealous of BIL's gf for being pg envy

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