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please help, docking great scratch on my fridge!!! i'm nearly in tears

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jesuswhatnext Fri 19-Sep-08 16:24:29

i have got a huge big scratch on my pink smeg, it looks bloody awful and i could cry, i don't know how it got there but its right down to the metal - does anyone know if i can get touch up paint? and if so, where from??? TIA

Overmydeadbody Fri 19-Sep-08 16:28:49

Cover your fridge in magnets and children's artwork. Then no one will see.

It doesn't matter really does it? Life is too short.

deepinlaundry Fri 19-Sep-08 16:28:55

try smeg customer services- i bet they can sort it out. You won't be the first

jesuswhatnext Fri 19-Sep-08 16:36:01

overmydead... dd is 16 now, i don't really want her art on the fridge anymore grin

thanks deep.. i will give them a try.

Overmydeadbody Fri 19-Sep-08 16:38:28

lol ok!

How about painting some nailpolish that matches the colour over it? (if customer servies don't help that is!)

jesuswhatnext Fri 19-Sep-08 16:51:14

hows this for service, have had e-mail back from smeg customer service already! bad news is that they don't have any paint sad

what the hell can i do now?

traceybath Fri 19-Sep-08 16:55:12

How about some t-cut that blends scratches on cars

CaptainKarvol Fri 19-Sep-08 17:04:49

there are companies out there that re-paint metal. DH has sent bike frames off to be re-painted before, huge range of colours available. No idea if they'd do something as complicated as a fridge door, and obv you'd need another fridge while your door was away, but may be worth a google of Shot blasting / repainting etc if it's really important to you. Or Smeg may replace the door (at a price?)

GBR Fri 19-Sep-08 17:26:36

Try Halfords for car spray paint in the right shade - you can mask off most of the fridge and overspray the scratch to blend in again, after t-cutting it a bit, probably.

jesuswhatnext Fri 19-Sep-08 18:30:07

thanks everyone, how about this! i got another e-mail from manufacturer redirecting me to british customer service website and they are sending me a pot of touch up paint smile for free!!!!

all it took was 2hrs and 2 e-mails - i'm impressed (and relieved)

i wish stoves were as quick with a replacement knob (oh er missus) for my cooker.

deepinlaundry Fri 19-Sep-08 19:23:45

good- i have been ridiculously bothered about this

traceybath Fri 19-Sep-08 19:51:48

oh i am glad - think i may contact them as the light in my fridge is playing up - doesn't switch off when you close the door.

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 19-Sep-08 19:52:49

If you've closed the door, tracey, how do you know the light hasn't gone off?!

jalopy Fri 19-Sep-08 20:39:45


traceybath Fri 19-Sep-08 21:50:58

because the food next to it was heating up and staying hot!

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