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Help - what is the best thing to clean a manky bath with?

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MamaG Thu 18-Sep-08 10:26:46

Niece has bought a new house. Bath v old but solid - I think its enamel. She was going to rip it out and put in a B&Q cheapy but I've persuaded her to try to clean it up instead.

The bottom is grimy and has some orange stains (look like rust, but not metal bath, sort of on the white enamel)

She's tried bleaching it - no joy. Also she has a blue limescaly stain underneath taps.

What can I advise her to use?

Jux Thu 18-Sep-08 10:38:44

All I know is that you've got to be careful with enamel and some things will make it worse and then you have to have it re-enamelled. Can't be more helpful, sorry. Just be careful what you do use.

GentleOtter Thu 18-Sep-08 10:44:08

I use Ajax on ours although the enamel has seen better days.
Yes, a good scrub with Ajax and a dishwashing pad should shift the stains especially the limescaly stains where the water has dripped.
Bicarb and lemon juice mix plastered round the taps themselves and left for an hour then rinsed off makes the taps come up shiny.

MamaG Thu 18-Sep-08 14:14:20

Thanks GentleOtter, I'll tell her. Thats what I thought Jux, didn't wnat her to ruin it

MamaG Thu 18-Sep-08 14:14:44

(is Ajax still Ajax? Or is it Cif now? Maybe they're two different things...!)

yomellamoHelly Thu 18-Sep-08 14:15:54



GentleOtter Thu 18-Sep-08 15:07:03

The tub of Ajax is no longer tin but a tallish plastic one. Tesco do it.
Alas, you can no longer get Vim.sad

EachPeachPearMum Thu 18-Sep-08 16:36:39

If she has it re-enamelled, it will be good as new! I think it can be quite expensive though.

Anna8888 Thu 18-Sep-08 16:37:58

What have you got against a new cheap bath?

Sounds an awful lot nicer than a yucky old enamel one...

MamaG Thu 18-Sep-08 17:08:31

Anna the bath is very solid and looks great apart from the muck! the cheap plastic ones look shit IMO

Anna8888 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:10:48

I hate bathroom furniture that has been used by other people before me <shudder> wink. I generally like nice solid expensive things grin but I could definitely make an exception if I was hard up and wanting to change my bath.

EachPeachPearMum Sun 21-Sep-08 19:09:21

This has been bothering me all week, Anna- what do you do in hotels?

nannyL Sun 21-Sep-08 22:25:38

GentleOtter you can get Vim...

had this conversation with my grandmother just a few weeks ago, about how someone had told her that you cant get vim... but you can because she had bought some and had a brand new one recently purchased in her cupboard and was showing me to prove that despite what these people were saying it does still exist.

No idea where she found it bought it though probably doesnt help much hmm

gooseegg Sun 21-Sep-08 22:29:35

Fill up bath with hot water and bio washing powder and leave overnight.

Easier to scrub muck off the next day.

Don't know about rusty bits though.

sheilatakeabow Sun 21-Sep-08 22:31:29

Denture cleaning tablets

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