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Chest freezers

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ggglimpopo Wed 17-Sep-08 08:24:48

I have just been given a huge one. How do you store stuff so you can find it again?

Overmydeadbody Wed 17-Sep-08 08:35:40

I use chest freezers at work and a lot of the stuff goes inside very large plastic lidded containers (like big ice cream containers but sturdier) which are labelled on the lids.

So for example, bags of peas and sweetcorn are kept together in one container

meat is in another

fish in another

cooked meals (in a seperate freezer) are also stored together within large containers

The trick is not to overfill it and keep a list of what went in and when so you don't forget about stuff!


ggglimpopo Wed 17-Sep-08 09:11:01

I had the same idea - but think boxes will be too heavy to lift and move - so am using ikea bags.....

TheMadHouse Wed 17-Sep-08 09:14:26

My mum had one of these, she used large ice cream containers for everything, with the contents in pen on the lid. She still couldnt get to the bottom for some stuff though!!!

WendyWeber Wed 17-Sep-08 09:17:38

You will fall in, gggl wink

ggglimpopo Wed 17-Sep-08 09:20:13


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