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Tuesday FLY

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ludaloo Tue 16-Sep-08 07:29:00



Jas Tue 16-Sep-08 07:30:01


ludaloo Tue 16-Sep-08 07:30:36

Morning smile

EustaciaVye Tue 16-Sep-08 07:41:32


ludaloo Tue 16-Sep-08 07:41:52

I'm just trying to recover from a bit of a hectic weekend.

We decided last minute to visit SIL, and take the kids (and their cousins) to Drayton Manor. It was well worth the efforet though the weather was fabulous and the kids had a brilliant time smile
Its just the travelling that is a PIA, as we live so far away from everything. We got lost on the way home after the main road to get back had been closed due to a motorbike fatality and we had no idea which way to go. (we didn't have a map either)
After an extra 3 hours added on to the journey, we made it back late Sunday evening.

Big rush then to get kids ready for school, I was asked to cover for one of the leaders at the nursery yesterday, so that took up all yesterday morning. My Avon delivery arrived as well so yesterday was a bit of a write off really.

Lots of washing and tidying to do today and food shopping and cheque banking so another hectic day! both had a brilliant time and both enjoyed their birthdays. DS came home from school yesterday with a big smile on his face as the whole school had sung happy birthday to him!

Bianca Thank you very much for the pressies....Brilliant smile (you ought to see DD2 trying to skip lol she had us in stitches grin)Very kind of you xxxx

Well I had better get on, waaayyyy too much to do today and I still don't know if I have to cover again this morning.

Shannaratiger Tue 16-Sep-08 07:54:40

Morning all

luda glad you had a great day at drayton manor. I'm so glad we've got a sat nav for those situations.
Hi jas & EV

Rubbish start to the day here:
DP forgot to set the alarm, I forgot to check it so we wake up at 5:50 for a 6am start.
Dp phones at 6:20, he's broken down at junction 14, then the battery runs out on the phone.
6:35 I phone work, he's managed to make it their, asks me to phone the AA. After 15mins looking for AA breakdown paper work, find number from internet on ly to discover his account number is the AA code as we get it through our bank account.
Phone AA only to be told that DP has to be their before they can do anything. angry

Morning routine

Get up done
Make bed done
Get dressed to shoes done
DC’s up done
Make DC’s beds done
Put W/M on done
DS bottle done
Check calendar
Breakfast * 3 done *2 (not ds)
Wash up
Dry up & put away
Shine sink
DC’s dressed
Washing out or T/D almost
Clean toilet ( S & S)

Rgiht I'd better try and get ds to eat some breakfast. 'Tots bop' straight after dropping dd off at school then town.

Have a good morning

Bewilderbeast Tue 16-Sep-08 08:11:34

morning all luda ev jas and shannaaw

at home again today, didn't get much sleep and am still feeling rotten. plus some scrote has flattened my front tyre and the aa man is coming all the way from derby so won't be here for hours.
ds is unhelpfully helping me type


ds dressed and fed
bed made
wm unloaded reloaded and on
pots put away
bit of washing up done
kitchen surfaces cleaned


ludaloo Tue 16-Sep-08 08:11:50

Shannar we did decide that we should invest in a sat nav after that!
What made it worse was that we were only about half an hour from home and we were by now on the very small twisty windey back roads in very rural Wales.
The only main route back was closed and DH vaguely knew an alternative. We had to double back on ourselves and take the mountain road, which we got on, in the wrong direction, and ended up right in the very bottom of the Elan Valley, driving along the massive mountain lakes (absolutely breathtaking views mind you)
We then reached a dead end and realised we needed to get over the mountain, as we couldn't get through it! So went all the way back along the road and went the right way!
We then caught all the rest of the diverted traffic so it was slow go most of the way home then.

Still at least it was in such beautiful countryside of the Cambrian Mountains and not the M6 or something smile

(I have to say though it is quite scary thinking we were unsure of the way right in the depths of the mountains! DD1 got quite scared and was obsessed by the amount of diesel we had left and DD2 told us all "I don't want to die" LOL

TheMadHouse Tue 16-Sep-08 08:40:21


Luda I insisted on a sat nav after i learned to drive - it is a godsend and got me out of many a sticky situation. I am glad that you guys enjoyed Drayton Manor

Shanna and BWB What is it with cars this morning hmm

Waves to Jas and EV

Well I am up and morning routine nearly done

Up and dressed - Done
S&S - Done
Make Beds - Done
Empty Dishwasher - Done
Breakfast - Cooling
Wash Breakfast Pots
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer - Done and folded
Sort out lunchtime meal - Done
Mum and Toddler - 10am

Lunchtime Routine

Feed the boys
Tidy and wash lunchtime pots
Sweep dining room floor and clean table
Lunch for me
Sort Dinner for all - sausage cas to go in slow cooker

I also need to ring my mum and see how she is - she said she would come and stay for the day again - I will look after her. She is at the consultants tomorrow. Brother is dropping her off and DH is collecting her.

BiancaCastafiore Tue 16-Sep-08 09:03:39


Glad the pressies arrived Luda Sorry dd2s was sooooo lateblush You sound as though you've had a good weekend. I love map-reading so ratehr enjoy taking us off the main roads on journeys (plus a traffic jam is my worst nightmare!)

Shanna hope the day gets better

I have sent ds back to school as he seems fine this morning, mu only worry is that he doesn't have his appitite back and will feel poorly again once he has lunch...I hope he'll be OK though.
Dd woke up in a complete and utter strop after staying up late messing around last nightangry so I have had to work hard to keep my cool with her this morning (I did manage it though!)

I need to get everywhere tidy again today and do a supermarket shop and work out a way of creating a cowboy outfit for ds...busy, busy, busy...

cafebistro Tue 16-Sep-08 09:08:37

Good Morning Everyone smile

Managed to have a bit of a lie in this morning as DP got up with DS shock! DP has just gone to work and we're all still sat here in our pajamas!
Only thing I've done is hang washing out ( in my dressing gown! Glad we live in the sticks so no one saw me...Im bound to get caught out one day though grin).

All my morning routine still to do. Also want to do my ironing before it gets out of hand again.
Everyone have a lovely morning smile

TheMadHouse Tue 16-Sep-08 09:38:52

Just rang mum and she is in a bad way, can not even get dressed sad.

Doctor is going out to her this morning after surgery (11.30), but I know they will send her in to hospital. No one to look after the children again - MIL is now nursing her brother at home. argggggggggg I am so tired of not having any support. My brother is shit

tigger32 Tue 16-Sep-08 09:45:05

Morning everyone,

We were up late this morning as DH turned alarm off without waking me then went back to sleep himself angry so running an hour behind.
Still done
packed lunces
ds1 to school
ds2 to nursery
w/m on
put away last nights ironing
whats for dinner (bolognaise)

to do

go to Matalan for party stuff
outfit back to woolies
Find gift for new baby
more ironing
Collect ds2 at 1pm
collect ds1 at 3pm

not too bad when I look back at it, feel better already smile

Lemontart Tue 16-Sep-08 09:47:55

oh no! So sorry TMH - hope that the doctor can give some relief and help for your mum and that everything can get back on track soon x

Morning all I cannot believe some of you are so organised so early!! What time do so many of you have to get up to post all those "dones" before 9.00am????

Well, it is now 9.45 ish and I have done our bins, recycling, WM, DW both on, sink shiny and checked my email/work schedule, dealt with the junk mail.

So halfway through my morning routine and need to do some work later so better get on with the day

Have a lovely morning

tigger32 Tue 16-Sep-08 09:47:56

TMH Poor you and your mum, I wish there was something I could do or say to help you.
Hope you can sort something out and don't forget about yourself!

lucysmam Tue 16-Sep-08 10:23:33

Morning everyone smile

luda glad kids had good birthdays. Is Drayton Manner worth the money? We've been toying with the idea of saving to go to a couple of places like that next summer but everywhere's sooooo expensive to get into hmm sad

Mad sorry to hear (read) about your mum, hope she is well again soon & you don't get too stressed out smile

Bewilder hope you're feeling better soon, not much fun being poorly sad

We've had quite a busy morning already:

brekky for all
both kids dressed
been to shops (I forgot half of what I went for though so wandered aimlessly up n down aisles! Will pop back & to PO when oh in from work)
wm on it's second load
1st load on line
thoroughly cleaned kitchen & cooker

I am debating defrosting my new freezer already as I came down this morning to a LUMP!! of ice growing in the back of the fridge part of it! Not sure why either as it's only on number 3 like the old one was!

Am just about to clean grill pan while waiting for wm to finish as the kids are both playing very well this morning, no stompy feet yet or fighting over toys so I'm happy too & chilled. Wonder how long it will last hmm

rowingboat Tue 16-Sep-08 10:32:39

Hi everyone
it certainly seems to be a bit of a Monday kind of Tuesday. There's nothing like the old alarm clock playing up or being turned-off angry to set you up for the day. shock
Bianca I'm with you on the map reading, I love it and don't like listening to driving instructions. I can imagine shouting at a sat nav. grin DP wants one, but he is a gadget freak and could get lost on the way to the kitchen.
Grouchy I love Edgar, it's such a cool name and much better than Edward IMO. smile Why did you choose that name?
TMH sorry to hear about your mum. Where is your brother, can you do a bit of emotional or actual blackmailing (dodgy photos or something)? I hope your mum picks up when she is in hospital and has lots of lovely nurses to distract her. Does she get any kind of care from the council or government for her disability?
Shannara & Bewilder Grr at the AA! Hope they get the cars sorted out very soon.
Cafe I usually put a coat over my jammie bottoms, so I look more dressed (in my head that works). grin
So its raining here and was yesterday, there's a bit cloud over the whole of Scotland.
Done so far
We have washing in the basket washing on the clothes horse and I'm going to put some on the bed in a minute for a bit of variety.
The LO is in nursery
I have sorted out the car insurance
done washing up
half a kitchen rescue - still have to wipe hob, but gave up depressed and had a coffee.

To do
have to sort out LO's passport online and get a lovely photo. I want to send it to one of those online passport photo things, can anyone recommend??
bathroom s&s 5 mins
bit of sewing
15 minutes of decluttering bedroom cupboard shock
read babysteps
read 2 mins reminders
some more tiles 1hr
what's for dinner tonight? more pasta I suspect.

rowingboat Tue 16-Sep-08 10:34:14

Hi Lucys you are doing well with the extra child. smile

minorbird Tue 16-Sep-08 10:35:45

Morning Luda,Jas,EV,Shannara,bewilder,TMH,Bianca,cafeb,tigger,lemon,lucysandallelse! smile

Was up in the night with LO, we've all got sorethroats and colds. So feel a bit grim this morning but have managed to wash up, sweep and hoover and do the mission. Got lunch, dinner, running club and then bedtime routine to contend with. Might have to have a medicinal sherry tonight though to knock me out! grin

Hope all is having a better day than me so far!

lucysmam Tue 16-Sep-08 11:02:07

rowingboat lol @ coat over pj's making you more dressed! I just go out in my dressing gown anyways, so anyone who might see, I don't care!

The second child is not as much hard work as I imagined. We've been to shop and back & they've been playing very well together since we got back although they keep pestering for paint/play d'oh or something similar & I'm not keen on the idea of 2 of um with the stuff but we'll see!

I'm still cleaning kitchen out, thought I may as well take advantage of them being so well behaved (am actually quite scared by how quiet they are) while it lasts n have a good clear out. Although I can't bring myself to throw random bits n pieces that are of no use whatsoever, like some small glasses that were my mum's or some manky plastic tubs that really ought to be binned but 'might be useful' hmm one day

rowingboat Tue 16-Sep-08 11:06:51

Lucys you could do playdoh and then fingerpainting. shock Then spend the rest of the day with a mop and bucket. grin
Quiet toddlers = trouble!
Minor sherry sounds very Violet Buc'ket. Hope your sore throat eases up. I did a TCP gargle the other night which seemed to help a bit. Bit yuck though and not as nice as sherry.

lucysmam Tue 16-Sep-08 11:45:28

hmm no thank-you rowingboat. I'll pass until I find my big plastic sheet!

Doesanyone know where would be the best (as in cheapest) place to get some crayons/paints/paper or some of those xmas cards they can colour in or some other very simple crafty stuff to keep them busy?

Am keeping some egg boxes/small boxes & loo roll holders so they can make some xmas stuff with them one day

Quiet very lovely toddlers still, I am dreading this afternoon! Can see HUGE MONSTER PADDIES heading my way [run away emoticon here]

My kitchen is lovely and organised now, paperwork is out ready to be filled in/sent off. Ebay stuff ready to be sent. Phone calls all made.

I am amazed that this little boys mum never did ANYTHING in their house before she went back to work . . . apparently she was too busy with one child hmm. So his dad used to do it all after working a 12 hour shift in the prison kitchen where he works shock

bythepowerofgreyskull Tue 16-Sep-08 11:49:47

smile smile smile

morning all

it has been ages since I have felt as happy as I do today.
DS1 is at full time school
have cleaned each room upstairs
have cleaned sitting room
Done some ironing
Dishwasher done
washing machine on x2
just making sausage cassarole

got meeting here at 2pm

lucy'smam sounds like you have this 2 child thing sussed - well done, it took me ages - still don't think I have it.
rowingboat how you doing with exercise stuff these days? bugger about your alarm clock were you very late?
minorbird hope you are all supping hot toddies and feel better soon
Lemontart Hope you managed to finish your morning routine.. I get up at 7.15 / whenever the boys wake, and it all kind of follows from there, beds made before going down stairs, bathrooms SS before going down stairs, dishwasher emptied before breakfast, washing machine emptied and reloaded before breakfast.. breakfast usually over by about 8.30 ready for school run.
tigger hope you manage to catch up after your late start - how annoying for you - I would hvae been cross with DH I have a thing about being late.
TMH Sorry to hear your Mums in a bad way and you can't get to her.. Is your brother close by but no help or is he too far to help?
CB envy at your lie in.. smile hope you have a good day
bianca Hope your little one is ok at school today.. will have a think about cowboy outfits.. how long till you need it?
Luda we have satnav - I swore we would never need it but this summer it guided us round the inner ring road in paris without DH and I killing each other so has been worth it so far smile
Bewilderbeast hope you are feeling better soon
Shannara hope your day improves..
EV morning

Better run - have used up MN allowance for this morning..

RubyRioja Tue 16-Sep-08 11:49:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bythepowerofgreyskull Tue 16-Sep-08 11:52:37

x posts
RR sorry things are hard for you at the mo.. do you have anything that you could take for your anxiety? Hope you get better news about your BiL soon sad

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