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psychomum5 Sun 14-Sep-08 13:47:52 it as it comes off the line/airer/from the tumbler

save it up for a week and then do while watching a new DVD

never do it at all as life is too short/you pay someone to do it.

am bored, and about to tackle a mound of ironing with a buffy DVD, so thought I would find out what you lot all did.

ta muchly

Aero Sun 14-Sep-08 14:01:03

Never do it - life's too short.......unless I have something important to go to and then it gets ironed as I need it.

Try to do it so it doesnt build up, but I never do.
Prefer to do it when dd having nap in day, with music on of course grin

Do horrible things first like Jeans and dh clothes, then save kids clothes till last.
I try to buy clothes that never need ironing.grinblush

I should be doing some now, but as usual will put it off for another day. Dont know why, because it never takes that long anyway.
My mum has a whole room dedicated to an ever increasing ironing pile. This I never understand.

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 14-Sep-08 14:22:50

save it up for a bit as I am crap

MaryBS Sun 14-Sep-08 14:30:29

DH does most of it , usually on a Sunday night

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