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Weekend FLY

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Jas Sat 13-Sep-08 08:28:53


rowingboat Sat 13-Sep-08 08:58:31

Morning Jas and everyone
I'm up and at 'em! Did a kitchen rescue this morning and when I get home from work later, I plan to do
15 minute declutter a drawer
bathroom s&S
washing up
Still not feeling very healthy, so will do what I can and try to get to bed nice and early.
Hope everyone is well.
It's raining here

EustaciaVye Sat 13-Sep-08 09:04:44


Done online order for delivery tomorrow. Hope to clear the garden this morning before DH goes to work.

Have a nice day all.

Bewilderbeast Sat 13-Sep-08 10:01:12

morning ev, rowingboat jas and everyone who comes after

rough night with ds, he's had d&v since about 2am


bed stripped - dp has made it again
kitchen tidied and cleaned
ds showered
wm unnloaded and reloaded i now have about =6 extra loads to do)
sorry for typos ds helpoing
dw unloaded and reloade
washing up done
kitchen floor swept
rice puddin put in slow cooker
bread in brea[d [makr[\
sofa cushions swapped round and throw straightened (i am on vomit protection duty)


hope all have a
goood day

Jas Sat 13-Sep-08 10:22:38

sad Poor ds BB

I'm not doing anything todaygrin We are going out this afternoon, and I have decided we need to swap the two downstairs rooms round next week, so dp will be fixing his shed roof tomorrow, so I can move everything from the understairs cupboard outside.

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Sep-08 10:29:18

Morning all

I had a really good nights sleep and a fab lie in and have been out with DS1 on his bike.

We need to keep ours apart as DS2 has turned evil and is biting to get what he wants.

cafebistro Sat 13-Sep-08 10:54:21

Morning everyone smile
sad Bewilderbeast- sorry Ds is ill. My Ds has diarrhoea (?) too but no vomiting.

So far have..

W/m on
d/w on
Beds made
Cleared up breakfast.

Not sure what to do today. Weathers awful but have to do something really as mum visiting. Soft play on monday I think, will be packed today and DS gets nervous with too many kids.

Hope everyone has a lovely day smile

EustaciaVye Sat 13-Sep-08 14:53:35

Poor DS, BB

HB to Jas.

I've had good day. Cleared front garden. mowed back lawn and cleared lots of weeds in back. DDs got v mucky so bathed and now DD2 is napping while DD does a Bratz (dont ask) activity book.

EustaciaVye Sat 13-Sep-08 16:33:49

cafebistro - just noticed you have poorly DC as well

I have had lovely couple of hours with DD1. Her colouring is really getting good now. 12 months ago she had no patience and so would scribble. Now she is in the lines, with the right kind of colour etc. Is lovely.

DD2 now up. They've both had milkshake. We have the TV on for the first time since breakfast shock - babytv so it is nice and slow

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Sep-08 16:37:07

Afternoon all

We have run some errands and got some shopping for my mother.

Boys are currently running around with nothing on enjoying the weather.

I am thinking about dinner.

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Sep-08 16:39:37

OH and yes I was called cool whilst we all stopped for a drink blush by a seven year old boy no less.

He said it was as I had a kermit the frog handbag (which is all organic and says it is cool to be green) and my converse on. Other than that I was in large sloppy jeans and a brown T shock.

I have never been called cool in my whole life - I am a size 18 -22 shock

grouchyoscar Sat 13-Sep-08 17:19:22

Hello Jas Boat EV BWB CB and TMH hope you are OK

Poor baby Beast sad Hugs and get well soon


up with Ed
Tidy kitchen
Empty DW
Put away
Down town to withdraw cash and mooch about (got a pair of Betty Barclay cords for £1!)
Put up 2 small IKEA flat packs
Tidy plants up in the garden, Move pots, take out dead plants
Feed the compost bin
clean porch doors
Clean oven
Clear out the cat cellar
Reline with paper and shavings
Take soiled litter out and bin
Mop kitchen floor
Empty wm
Hang up to dry
Make Ed's lunch
Roll up front room rug andmop front room
Mop bathroom
Mop bedroom
dust bedroom
Clean bathroom

I've overdone it sad my legs were giving up and I slipped on the bedroom floor and fell flat on my back. It has knocked the stuffing out of me and I've hurt my hand and bottom shock so I'm getting some rest.

OH BARGAIN ALERT Tesco are selling off surplus summer uniform items. Boys shorts 75p each! they had loads of those gingham girls summer dresses too. I got 6 pairs of shorts for £4.50 and Ed is sorted for the next 2 years.

EustaciaVye Sat 13-Sep-08 18:04:29

shock GO. Are you ok? Try and take it easy tonight. Might try and pop to Tesco tomorrow.

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Sep-08 18:07:21

Groucy you always over do it. I do hope you are OK. Please take it easy. Pictures of the porch are needed.

Will paypal tomorrow - If that is OK?

lucysmam Sat 13-Sep-08 18:42:21

evening all smile

have been out as a couple alllllll day! shock has been lovely, although we went to watch footy & wandered round the continental market most of the afternoon which was lovely!

Just thinking about tea and showers and I'm fairly knackered so ready for an early night I think.

Ooh, we've been talking babies again shock going to start trying for number 2 (hopefully of four) after my birthday at beginning of January.

Hope you've all had a good day, Bewilder & cafebistro I hope DC's are better tomorrow! & grouchy SLOW DOWN!!! you always have huge lists n are knackered by the end og it smile

Right, tea time . . . .

rowingboat Sat 13-Sep-08 19:30:46

Hi everyone,
I like the name 'baby beast' Grouchy! Made me laugh. grin
I hope you are feeling a bit less sore now.
Bewilder, Cafe and Eustacia - I hope your DCs are feeling better soon. And don't get sore bums.
My LO is a bit off colour and I think he has given it to me a bit, feel very odd!
Lucys what do you mean one of four! shock You crazy woman! grin
We can't even manage two, because I have blocked tubes, so we are going for IVF soon, to bypass the stoopid tubes. Everything else is in full working order though, so fingers crossed. We are hoping to go before Christmas have choice of clinics in Europe. I will be interested to see how I cope with a second baby, because I was a total stress-bucket last time. I chucked people out when the LO had his first birthday.grin
I can look back and laugh now. [Wail]
Flying today has been
s&s bathroom
kitchen rescue
washing up
dinner - chicken soup
making muffins with LO
read 2 mins of reminders
that's it so far, will try for a de-clutter of a drawer after LO in bed. If I don't fall asleep as well. ZZZZ!

lucysmam Sat 13-Sep-08 19:48:19

lmao rowingboat I'm hoping for four. Apart from my own family, my dad and mum's brothers & sisters all have at least 3 kids! I've found it easier having two in the house than I ever thought I would so we're going to see how we get on with two.

Choice of clinics in Europe, does that mean there could me travelling involved? (further than the bedroom department I mean wink ) I have romantic visions now of legs in styrrups looking over some world famous landmark . . . lol

Tea is eaten, pasta with tom sauce. Sorted for tomorrow, stew stuff chopped ready to go. Lo tucked up & X-Factor on goggle box. Cracking night chez moi!!!

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Sep-08 19:49:53

Rowingboat and Lucys How old are your LO's. I would have gladly had four, but not possible I am afriad. I love children, although I didnt realise this until I was pregnant with DS1 - I was the one everyone thought would grow old being the mad old cat woman shock how very dare they.

Rowingboat Good luck with the IVF

Well I have popped in to check on my mum, as her arthritus is really bad at the moment and also explain that we havnt invited her to Sunday dinner as we are going out for the day - treading v carefully.

I have also just swapped all my cusion covers round and popped the pink ones into the conservatory and brown ones in to the sitting room, along with a couple of orange ones from the airing cupboard - so it is now more autumnal in themadhouse.

rowingboat Sat 13-Sep-08 20:03:37

LOL! Lucys and TMH. I know what you mean about the old cat lady. My mum thought she would never have any grandchildren. I was always quite frightened when people would hand me a baby, but I really like being a mum.
The places in Europe aren't really that glamorous, not Paris or anything. It's just a bit cheaper and works better for us.
How is your mum taking things TMH?
I love x-factor, we are recording it so we can put LO to bed.
Do you have any favourites yet?

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Sep-08 20:12:35

My mother is a strange old stick. My dad died 8 years ago and he was the balance in everyones relationship. She is hard work, but she is my mother and she adores the boys. I am not responsible for her happiness and as long as I remember that I am fine and can deal with her - most of the time.

She said that Grandchildren were like buses. DS1 was born March 05, my neice May 05 and then DS2 June 06. I also would have had another in Jan 08, but sadly m/c. No one at work belived I was pregnant - they all thought I had cancer and was keeping it quiet shock

lucysmam Sat 13-Sep-08 20:13:24

Mad mine's 19mo. I never thought I was a children type of person either until having our little monster but I love it!

rowingboat I'm watching out for a bloke we know who had an audition but not seen him yet, other than that there's a couple I like the sound of but don't ask me who they were! I don't pay that much attentionhmm. Good luck with IVF, hope it works out smile

hmm @ swapping cushions! I don't know where half mine are since lo started walking, they're hidden all over the house, gone night-nights according to my oh!shock

Cuppa cos the bird on x factor atm looks dodgy so probably not worth watching . . .

Jas Sat 13-Sep-08 20:42:14

Thanks EV and everyone who sent facebook messages (I can't work out how to reply without having to reply to each oneblush) smile

I've had a lovely day, and just got back from my pizza tea with dp and kids.
I even got presents to open this morning that I hadn't bought myselfgrin

Good luck all those trying for more babies..a couple of my friends who are the same age as me are expecting their fourth and fifth. Makes me finally realise that I really am done. It will be nice to have babies to cuddle, but no more for me. I may have wanted more if I'd started younger, but think I did well to fit in three tbhgrin
We also have the no money/2 bed house issue to factor in, which made having ds slightly irresponsible, and any more would be just plain daft!

My mum had given up on getting any grandchildren, and now has five.

I hope you are tucked up in bed GO. You need to be kinder to yourself.

EustaciaVye Sat 13-Sep-08 20:44:45

Glad you had a good day Jas

grouchyoscar Sat 13-Sep-08 22:22:08

My arse still hurts sad. I've taken it a bottle of wine easy and my arse still hurts shock Legs are better tho!

tortoise Sat 13-Sep-08 23:34:34

Luda Finally sorted pics for you. smile Read titles as one or two have light stains on. here

Not to worry if no good to you. I can always Ebay them. grin

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