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My DD is obsessed with putting hair (mostly the dog's) in her mouth, help!

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Philpot Thu 11-Sep-08 15:38:14

I have a large dog who sheds enough hair to stuff a couple of scatter cushions per day. I hoover twice a day. However, my 18 month old DD loves finding hair and stuffing it in her mouth. If she can't find it on the floor she will actually pull it off the dog. Last thing at night she runs her fingers through her hair and puts any she has managed to pull out in her mouth. I think she likes to ball it up with her tongue mostly, but some of it is being swallowed. What can I do and will it harm her?

whomovedmychocolate Thu 11-Sep-08 22:11:48

First of all URGH!

Yes it can cause damage, specifically it's not that digestible and will ball in the stomach. URGH!

It's also crawling with bacteria, your DD will get worms at best and serious bacterial illness at worst.

URGH! Make her stop.

Shave the dog FGS if you have to.

Actually you might want to consider brushing lemon oil through the dogs fur, it'll then taste bitter if she eats some.

Philpot Sat 13-Sep-08 20:20:30

Obviously we do try and stop her, but she is determined.
Is there anybody out there whose child has/had a similar habit? Also, any tips on dog grooming to extract maximum loose hair or eliminating hair from the environment gratefully received. I have a vax and it's brilliant but I would have to be hoovering constantly to manage to remove the hair before she can find it and eat it.

Ivegotaheadache Sun 14-Sep-08 10:41:35

I have a very hairy shedding lab so I can sympathise, although my dc's don't eat the hair!

I have a maulting (sp) comb, which is quite a fine toothed comb and I use that first then I use a normal brush and try and get it all off. It doesn't take all the hairs off tbh as the hair is never ending, so I end up using my hand and grabbing hairs off before giving up.

As long as you worm the dog very regularly there shouldn't be a problem with worms, I should think. I use Drontal from the vet rather than the ones you get in the supermarket as I think they may be the best ones (but I may be wrong of course, but it makes me feel better).

Bath the dog regularly too, so it's a bit cleaner if she does eat the hair.

I have a dyson animal, but it's a pain to get it out all the time so I use a stick thing which I attach those electromagnetic cloths to. Just swish it across hard floors and the hair sticks to it.

But, I would find out the best way to try and stop your dd from actually eating the hair. She's very young so not sure what would work, but maybe post on the behaviour thread see if anyone has any advice or speak to our HV.

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