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Thursday - today is going to be a gooooooood day

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RubyRioja Thu 11-Sep-08 07:06:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo Thu 11-Sep-08 07:41:01

I'm kind of with you Rubes
I'm too knackered to be too assertive though this morning!

I'll find some links for you now, hope you feel a bit less fragile soon smile

ludaloo Thu 11-Sep-08 07:45:16




Well I have toddler group this morning. Shopping this afternoon (Its DD1's 7th birthday in the morning and I haven't bought her anything yet!!! blush)

Hello to everyone too BTW smile

Jas Thu 11-Sep-08 07:50:21

Morning Ruby and ludaloosmile

Computer is very slow this am, so I will probably get lots of FL:ying done.

I'll check back in after toddler group.

Shannaratiger Thu 11-Sep-08 07:54:12

Morning all

Toddler group here as well.
Have spent the last hour trying to sort out our finances - very bad. sad Will try and work out how much we've got left and how we're going to afford any birthday and christmas presents.

DS is still asleep
DD has eaten, I'm eating breakfast.
Nothing else done.
I'm now feeling really depressed, so probably more computer than flying today.


Shannaratiger Thu 11-Sep-08 07:55:43

sorry hello Jas, Ruby and Luda.
have a good morning everyone.

EHM Thu 11-Sep-08 08:37:20

ruby its not like you? Thanks for the thread.
ludaloo HelloooooooooosmileGood luck with the present shopping,7 wow!Thanks for the links.
bewilderhope you are ok.NO job is worth your health, believe me I have personal experience of this.{{{{Hugs}}}
jasenjoy toddler group
shannenjoy toddler group too .Hope you sort out the finances.
TMHgood luck with ds1's injections this morning.
grouchy I am going to try the soda crystals in the WM.Thanks for that tip.
scattyhope you are feeling better today.
biancahope you had good day yesterday & dd at school?

<<<<<WAVES>>>>>> to ALL to follow, and who I missed sorry.blush

Off to peel Ellie away for Noddy DVD as we are going to Mini Moovers this morning first class of a new term.Can't go to our usual class tomorrow as I have Dr's appointment. Make way for Noddy, NODDY!

cafebistro Thu 11-Sep-08 08:40:29

Morning everyone smile

sad Ruby and Tiger sorry you're having crap mornings...hopefully the day will improve as we go on smile.

Jas my computer is always on vodafone so signal isnt brilliant. Wish i could get broadband in this area.

Luda Thanks for the link and happy shopping!

Been up since 6am so done most of morning routine. waiting for mum to surface so I can shower!

Everyone have a good day smile

EHM Thu 11-Sep-08 08:40:30

what I ment to say RUBY is its not like you to sound so fragile. My neighbours think I am ranting loon too & I only have one little ickle ddblush Sometimes she will only respond when I shout. I've tried getting down to her level on my knees & talking gently & quietly. Yes & in the works of Super Nanny " I am Loosing it' when I shout. I don't know a Mum that doesn't every now & then.

EHM Thu 11-Sep-08 08:41:04

x posts cafebistro

minorbird Thu 11-Sep-08 08:41:41

Hello Jas,Ruby,Ludaloo,Shannara , Your all up and at em' early! Good luck with the positve energy ruby. Am feeling a bit more like Ludaloo tbh but a coffee will sort me out. Sorry to hear your having difficulties shannara I am trying to avoid looking at my balance at the mo!

I've got to go up north today, so all flying will have to wait until my return. Washing up, hoovering, dinner, putting clothes away.

Have a good day though. smile

cafebistro Thu 11-Sep-08 08:43:31

x posts sorry

TheMadHouse Thu 11-Sep-08 08:48:55

Morning All

Rubes you are a fab mum, prob just missing DH, three can be chalenging - stay strong sister grin

EHM Enjoy mini movers. He to my mum this morning that he has his injections this afternoon and they will hurt, but he needs them to make him better - I was so proud - he understands at 3 smile

We are off to Aldi with mum and then taking her to the doctors, then to collect friend
Then Lunch
Then DS1 to Preschool
Up in the loft to get baby boy things for friend, as she found out she is having another little boy in January. I am so excited for her.
Then collect DS1 from Preschool
Then Dcotors for injections
Friend home
whats for dinner
Then bedtime routine

Busy busy day

Later ladies

BiancaCastafiore Thu 11-Sep-08 08:53:43

Morning all

I am with you Ruby, I need to regain control of the kids. My neighbour asked me recently if there was something "not right mentally" (hmm)with dd as she hears me shouting at her often After our awful weekend things have improved all round so I'm hoping we're all on the right track. I think I will have a look at the 'How to Talk...' book if I can get a copy today sometime.

I am off to work now, loads to do both there and here.

Back later x

ludaloo Thu 11-Sep-08 09:03:26

shock @ your neighbours comment Bianca!! How Rude!!
Have a good day at work smile

EHM smile Hellllooooooo smile Hope you are ok, enjoy mini movers smile

Morning to shannar Jas* cafebistro and TMH smile

Well DD2 is in a bad mood this morning. She is in one of her "I want it" moods [sigh]
I have just had to put up with her I wanting for a biscuit....despite the fact we don't actually have any! She just won't be told! Ignoring her seems to have done the trick....she has stopped now.

Righto better get on....I'm opening toddler group up again this week so I will be there for yonks putting everything away agin.

Catch you later x

laurasmiles Thu 11-Sep-08 09:29:23

Bianca - ((((hug)))) As if life wasn't guilt inducing enough, without inoput like that. I'm always wondering what the neighbours must think of us, as I catch myself hollering across the grass at one or the other of my two. blush

Today dp got up and said 'this flylady thing is good. I like the shiny sink it's so nice to see it in the morning instead of the disgusting pile of dishes!' That was a nice boost. he does a lot around the house and with the childre and is currently building our extension so I think it really is my job currently to shine the sink - least I could do wink. babysteps day 7 - nearly a week into it.

Haven't managed to get dressed yet but sink is done, swished and swiped round bathroom, reminders checked, washing and tumbedryer on, clean clothes folded, children dressed. Off to toddler group here too - as soon as I get myself sorted.

Got to go to work in London this afternoon for meeting, taking children to granny's so not much cleaning will will be done today. hey -ho! :-)

EHM Thu 11-Sep-08 09:32:05

bianca I am tooshock at your very rude neighbours. How very dare they!

tortoise Thu 11-Sep-08 10:05:16

Morning. (Yawn)
DC all deposited at school. DD1 has a cold and bad cough whoch kept us awake half the night. Still sent her to school though! I told her teacher i can pick her up at lunch time when i get DD2 if need be. Think she will be ok.

I need to get tidying up if i can find the energy. I have a MNer popping round sometime at the weekend to give me their old printer (mine died!).

Bianca I am shock at your neighbour too. How rude! I often shout at my lot. I got better for a while but lately they are driving me mad! grin DS2 winds the other 3 up and annoys them until they cry or hit or shout. DS1 is moody and hits out at DS2 very easily.

I am enjoying the peace while they are all at school TBH.

tortoise Thu 11-Sep-08 10:16:37

I really don't want to move from this chair!

lucysmam Thu 11-Sep-08 10:18:53

good morning everyone!

I am knackered, lo didn't sleep well at all again n was up from 11pm to about 4am shock so we're still in pj's atm.

luda have fun shopping, you any idea what you're getting for dd?
Shannar I know how you feel, it's awful when you sit down n actually work out what you have left n there's not enough for anything sad Hope it's not too bad.
Bianca shock at your neighbour, tell her to mind her own business!!!
Ruby hope your day gets better as you go along smile

hope everyone else has good days n not too stroppy kids!

I've done brekky for us all and we're washed, pots are done and away. Just got to get dressed.

My list for today:
~Wm on
~pick up prescription
~td washing
~work out whether I actually need everything on this weeks shopping list since it's just for the week & find out what is in freezer I could use
~bake biccys
~strip lo's bed
~see if I've got any junk housey type stuff that bil and his gf could have to use in their new house hmm
~gloss bathroom & hallway & maybe kitchen

Am off to get something done, have a good day all, will catch up later xx

rowingboat Thu 11-Sep-08 10:31:38

Morning TMH*,*Tigger, Greyskull, Bianca, Ruby, Cafe, EHM*,*Minor, Lucys, Shannara, Laura Tortoise and Bewilder
Feeling very tired and weak, so might have a day off, LO doesn't go to nursery today, which means we can wear tracky bums until lunchtime. grin
Thank you for the thread Ruby I'm sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time this week. You usually sound so positive, so I think it is just a blip.
I was a horrrrrrrible teenager, my poor mother, so I deserve awfulness from my LO when he is big enoughshock, but I'm sure you were much more pleasant.
My usual solution is to go on the internet and do a search on parenting, it usually inspires me with some new ideas/perspectives when I am feeling too shouty and cross. I love the American parenting sites, they are so nice and they all call each other 'momma'. smile
Bewilder I hope you are feeling better today and those rotters at work aren't upsetting you.
Bianca your neighbour sounds very 'tactful'hmm bloomin' cheek.
I think there is a place for shouting, it's the shock value. Even a shouting match can help let off steam, although I don't think I have resolved much whilst shouting at my dp. grin
Minor where are you off to?
Cafe 6am! Yikes! I was still sleeping soundly. grin
tortoise hello, have you been busy. How are you?
So far have done
kitchen rescue
airing cupboard emptied (onto bed)
laundry in basket - not out yet though. grin
cup of coffee (I know that's not really a flying thing, but I have to make this list bigger)

to do
laundry out
bathroom s&s
dust sitting room, our bedroom
go for walk to beach

tortoise Thu 11-Sep-08 10:41:05

Hello Rowingboat. No i haven't been very busygrin. Lots of walking to and from school and not getting much done inbetween.grin
I have loaded DW and picked up a few bit of rubbish. And signed DS2's form for guitar lessons plus payment.(Can't really afford it but he enjoys it.)

Also need to pay vets the rest of what i owe them from Monday.
And i owe the milkman loads of money blush so i need to give him some money tomorrow.
Won't have any left at this rate! sad

tortoise Thu 11-Sep-08 10:46:56

Any FLYer interested in a Ben 10 sticker album FFP? I won a prize on MN and this was in the goody bag. DC not interested in it. smile

tigger32 Thu 11-Sep-08 11:05:34

Morning all
Tortoise my ds1 loves Ben10 and would love the stickerbook if no other takers,please.

Very proud of myself this morning
I got up at 6.30am !!!
shower dressed
breakfast for all
pack up x3
w/m on x2
1st lot into t/d
dishwaser on
kitchen tidy
ds1 to school early shock
ds2 to nursery
thank you letters written
dinner sorted
bins emptied and cleaned out

To do
1 hour ironing
collect ds2 from nursery
ds1 from school
pack for camping

Off to iron BBL

tortoise Thu 11-Sep-08 11:07:59

Email me on tigger smile

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