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Ok so I flied and I blitzed and everything was spotless..............................

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thesockmonsterofdoom Wed 10-Sep-08 16:26:07

today I have been blitzing the garden and the house is a shit tip again. how am I supposed to keep the perfect universe that I require qwhen it only takes one day to go from perfect to tip?

FAQ Wed 10-Sep-08 16:29:22

I'm not really one for talking as I'm hopeless at keeping things tidy - however when I do manage it it's usually by taking things to put away as I go from room to room.

So for example if there's some rubbish on the floor in the living room and I'm going to the bathroom (downstairs one - other end of kitchen) I'll take it with me and chuck it in the bin.

Then if I see something in the bathroom that should be in the bedroom - I'll take it back through with me and put it on the stairs (when I go upstairs I take the pile up with me).

<<<<<<<<Tells herself to start doing this more regularly then it'll stay tidier for longer)

NoblesseOblige Wed 10-Sep-08 16:32:44

i do the putting stuff on the stairs thing.

i always take something up and chuck it in the room its supposed to be in.

it helps.

i think, though, that what i really want need it one of those little handheld dustbusting thingies <<hides head in shame>>

then i could just zap up minor messes grin

EustaciaVye Wed 10-Sep-08 18:03:17

If it took years to create the mess it will take a while to clear it up. Be patient and clear up small bits each day. You will soon notice the difference

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