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Wednesday-No rain so far?

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EHM Wed 10-Sep-08 08:42:31

Morning ALL

EHM Wed 10-Sep-08 08:50:26


tigger32 Wed 10-Sep-08 08:54:09

Morning EHM
We too look to be having dare I say a sunny day!!
Am going to hang washing on the line
then still to do
shower and dress (all of us)
finishing wiping kitchen sides and table
sweep and mop kitchen floor
put away last nights ironing
do 30 mins of ironing and put away
take ds1 to mums
ds2 doctors and if ok swimming
write thanks with ds1
write out party invites for ds2
food shopping
buy camping chairs

Have Done

Breakfast (ds2 only just woken so is still eating his)
loaded disher and put on
w/m on and nearly finished
packed dh off to work
sorted dinner
emptied kitchen bins

bythepowerofgreyskull Wed 10-Sep-08 08:57:46

morning EHM thanks for the thread
morning tigger - hope you manage to get all your washing dry in the sunshine. smile
Hope you get on well at the doctors with DS2.

have another busy day at the church organising the rest of the messy playgroup stuff.
have to be there at 9 so going to post and run.

have done dishwasher
done washing machine
made the beds
SS the bathrooms
done the packed lunch
hoovered the sitting room

see y'all later - Jas I have no idea why we can't be friends on facebook, have looked at the privacy settings and can't see anything that would block anyone (desperation for friends emotion!)

have a good day everyone - back later. smile

EHM Wed 10-Sep-08 09:12:11

jas I am fine thanks for asking.just really busy with study for theory test,preschool, life etc.Theory test much more involved than I initially thoughtsad
TMHshould be at half term as I plan to do more driving practice. Ellie cried yesterday at preschool when I left, called after 30 mins all well. went to collect her at 1150 full of smiles & cuddles. I think we have had a break through yesterday. How are the boys? Sorry to read about the yesterdaysad
EVhope poor wee dd2 is feeling much better & dd1 still enjoying school?
lovely picturesmileI have accepted yout friend request. Of course I don't mind.anybody who wants me as a friend RL, facebook, MN I happy[samile]
scattys pice
very busy all spare quiet time in being spent studying for theory test.Hope the awful PMS clears
got yur face book message will reply later{hugs} for you.
tort lovely pics on your profile toosmile

Sorry took me so long to try & catch up.x

grouhcy cat & shedsad
bewilder all well here & you?

EHM Wed 10-Sep-08 09:14:19

x posts with bythepower & tigger

BiancaCastafiore Wed 10-Sep-08 09:16:28


Greyskull I have tried adding you on FB too but don't seem to be able to

EHM thanks for the trhead, hope you're well?

I am stuck in waiting for a parcel to be collected today. They will come anytime btwn 9am and 6pm angry I hate waiting in!
I have managed to find friends to collect the kids from school and take them to an after-school club but I have to collect them from the club at 4 so what's the betting the courier turns up while I dash out for 10 mins then?

I did todays mission yesterday grin
I had quite a successful tidy-up day yesterdya and today need to clean, dust and hoover everywhere so am going to have breakfast and get cracking.

Back later x

TheMadHouse Wed 10-Sep-08 09:32:01

Morning all

We are off swimming this morning and shock horror the boys decided to let mummy have a lie in.

I woke up at 8.30!!!!! to find them in bed with me watching TV, so we are runn ing a wee bit late, but it is worth it.

I have loads to do, but managed to get half my warbrobe last night - yipee.

Get parcel from Post office
Wash swimming things
Zone clean
whats for dinner
clear fridge
plan tomorrow

lucysmam Wed 10-Sep-08 10:10:13

Morning EVERYONE smile

2 kids here again today, hopefully good as gold like they were on Monday hmm

They're playing & making a mess in living room while I straighten up the kitchen and back hall. Then I'm going to wake oh although don't think he'll appreciate that, lo was up half the night again n he didn't come to bed til 3am! shock Am also going to make lasagne n a crumble of some sort for tea time. Feeding oh's bro and his girlfriend tonight n I'm really not keen on her! But never mind.

Off to get something done while kids are occupied

minorbird Wed 10-Sep-08 10:23:25

Morning good people!

Up on time today. Phew! Took stuff to charity shop on way to playschool.

Got to have a whip around, hoover, mission, baby step, collect DD fr playschool, lunch, bit of work, dinner, plan tommorrow! Bed early. (Had some wine last night and feeling a leeeetle bit tired! grin )

Shannaratiger Wed 10-Sep-08 10:25:21

Mornign all

I've been messing about on here all morning, took a self photo for my profile on FB, looks terrible but never mind.
The washing is in the T/D because it's raining here. I'm now going to sort out and clean the fridge.
Have a good morning everyone
May be back with a longer thread later

rowingboat Wed 10-Sep-08 10:26:48

Morning EHM, Tigger, Greyskull, Bianca, Ruby, Cafe, Minor, Lucys, TMH, Shannara
Thank you for the thread EHM, they didn't have a theory test in my day, just a bit at the end of the test where they asked a few questions. Do you want me to give you a test question? smile
Lucys can you find out what the girlfriend doesn't like and make it for dins grin Like liver casserole or something?
TMH what lovely boys. Enjoy swimming. We are going tomorrow. I may enrol the LO for swimming lessons in January, but just want to splash around and practice 'kicking' for now.
Bianca you can't phone the courier company can you, to see where he is?
Greyskull are you doing the powerwalking? Didn't manage any running when I was on holiday and haven't done any this week yet. Hope to start that plan next week again. What's your plan?
Tigger you sound very busy.
I have to sort out the car insurance and money stuff today and look into getting all of our passports done. Cost a fortune these days!
washing out
kitchen rescue
washing up
internet banking
checked out road tax prices etc..
LO to nursery
dinner chosen
load of washing in for tonight's wash

Still to do
bathroom s&s
plan running for next week
plan a couple of walks for this week
life plan 15 mins
finish feel the fear

Guess what I still have to lay some tiles, but it's getting there.

BiancaCastafiore Wed 10-Sep-08 10:55:30

<sigh> why can't I just tackle one job at a time? I went upstairs with thehoover and a basket of laundry to put away and have ended up emptying the kids wardrobes and having a sort out! Ds's was easy (he doesn't have many clothes!) but dds is a nightmare as she has loads of clothes at the moment but I am very aware that we never seem to have enough of the basics. I bought her a couple of packs of long-sleeve t-shirts in Sainsburys yest and am pleased to find they go with all sorts of winter skirts and a pair of Boden trousers she's been waiting to fit into I think going to pack the summer stuff away in a drawer in dds room and hopefully fit everything else back into her wardrobe...

Rowingboat I can't ring the courier, no They are coming to collect a very tiny parcel I am returning to John Lewis - very annoying that they won't just let me post it, I have to wait in for a courier!
lucysmam I have a huge harvest of cooking apples this year so will be making a crumble this afternoon too. We have a big box of apples permenantly on our driveway for people to help themselves to at this time of year!
EHM glad Ellie was fine once she settle yesterday x

rowingboat Wed 10-Sep-08 11:07:16

Bianca you sound like me. I go into the kitchen to find a pen or something and half an hour later I'm cleaning the oven! shock Short term memory problem? shockgrin
We have the clothes problem with DS, too much stuff to sort out. I have to flog some on Ebay to raise money for new stuff, but it's such a faff.
Does anyone fancy and Ebay day, where we root for each other?

RubyRioja Wed 10-Sep-08 11:12:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rowingboat Wed 10-Sep-08 11:22:53

Sorry I forgot to say hope your cat responds to the treatment Grouchy*.
I found a thing on the internet about writing a life plan. It's actually for setting up a small business, but you have to focus on your skills and how you want to work, what's important.
I would like to work for myself (wouldn't we all), but I'm a bit worried about the actual running, money etc.. so I thought this would help me to focus.
I can't wait to see your bride and groom.

laurasmiles Wed 10-Sep-08 11:23:17

Hi everyone. Early babystepping going on here. Trying not to get distracted and disheartned by the ongoing mayhem around me. hmm
DP managed to get a nosebleed this morning all over the white sheets and bedspread and dd's pyjamas!
New bathroom arrived for fitting next week - taps wrong; sink scratched; bath has no holes drilled in it which we need to fit the shower hose!! Trying to brush it all off as just another madhouse day. DD has drawn all over the wall in the new bathroom - luckily it's only at plasterboard stage :-) but it's not a good omen.

Still - my sink is shiny!! :-) Debating on today's mission but I might just stick to babysteps and tackle my hotspot(s)

Hope you all have productive days.

Jas Wed 10-Sep-08 11:32:53

Morning - cakes are in the oven, but I have done nothing else, and need a kick, so I'm here hoping for a bit of motivation.....

I'll tidy the floor in here and come backsmile

TheMadHouse Wed 10-Sep-08 11:50:47


Lunch is cooling

Boys were great at swimming Rowingboat it is just water confidence really. They can not do swimming lessons here till they are 4

I am going to pop the washing in the machine, whilst we have lunch - leftover mince nad onion and yorrkshires with mash and carrots - yum

Catch you after DS1 is at preschool and DS2 is in bed

cafebistro Wed 10-Sep-08 11:57:30

Morning EHM, Tigger, Greyskull*,*Bianca, Madhouse, minor, rowingboat*,*Tiger, lucysmam, ruby*,*laura and Jas !

Have had an awful morning. Have been to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. So im now sat here feeling very sorry for myself with a big wad of gauze in my mouth. Im starving too..I didnt have time for breakfast and there's no way i can eat with my numb mouth sad. I cant even have a cup of tea sad.

Have managed to..

Load w/m and going now
D/w on
Make beds

Thats about it. Think im just going to have a general tidy later..the house isnt too bad.
My mum arrives today so I should make a bit of an effort to have a clean/tidy house.

Lucysmam- What size is the snowsuit you mentioned?
Rowingboat- I have stuff I need to ebay too but im a bit unsure about what im doing as I havent done it before.

Everyone have a lovely day smile

grouchyoscar Wed 10-Sep-08 11:57:30

Thanks for the thread EHM and it's great to see you around again

Thanks all for the cat sympathies. I have chatted to DH and we are both of the mindset that she should have the £150 op. She is happy in herself and has been out and about today so...She is still Maisie, just with a bad ear.

Anyway, Morning ALL and hello to any new newbies

I have been to B&Q today to get a shelving system for the porch. I still need to get the shelves!

Done all my morning routines and got Ed to school. He wanted to wear his shorts today. It was so sunny this morning. I bet it rains before 3pm!

Going to IKEA tonight for a few bits...heaven help me shock

lucysmam Wed 10-Sep-08 12:06:26

rowingboat don't tempt me . . . grin Is your tile laying skill improving?
Bianca I will be moving next door so I can help myself, love apple crumble wink
laura what a PITA!! I would love a new bathroom! hope it's all replaced with correct or not scratched stuff!
Jas is there a cake in there for moi!? wink I LOVE cake <flutters eyelashes>

I've tidied the kitchen, bathroom s&s, beds made, back hall sort of sorted but is home to footy kit for entire team again for the week hmm so still a bit cluttered! We've had a wander to shops too, not as bad as expected with 2! I'm just running out of stuff to entertain them without resorting to messy toys

Am just debating what to have for lunch with the kids, mate's lo reckons he doesn't like spag bol, but the only thing I have enough of for 2 kids plus me is spag bol left from making lasagne [grr]

Am quite pissed off actually, his dad packed him up the other day with brekky, lunch, tea and snacks for the day. Plus change of clothes and other bits you'd expect to come with an almost 3yo. This morning his mum's done it n instead of a change of clothes in case he wee's she's packed nappies, a dvd n nothing else shock

So now there's 2 of them munching their way through my fruit, cereals, n lunch [grrrrrrr] Wouldn't mind but they aren't paying me for having him all week n haven't made sure he's sorted for the day!!!!!! Maybe just me but I always pack everything I can think of if my lo is going somewhere, just in case she might need it!

Anyways, rant over, spag bol going on in a mo & if he don't eat it then he don't eat!

bythepowerofgreyskull Wed 10-Sep-08 13:08:54

rowingboat not been walking recently - must get it going again.. DS1 going to school full time from Monday so I hope I will feel I have time to do more during the day. -PLEASE kick me when ever you think about it because I really have to get my bum into gear if I want to loose 2 stone by christmas shock

TheMadHouse Wed 10-Sep-08 13:22:44

Afternoon all

I have washed all the kitcken tops and cuboards down, also sorted the baskets on top of them and dusted up high for once.

To Do

TD on
Fridge to clean
kitchen skirting boards to wipe
kitchen shelves to clear and wipe

cafebistro Wed 10-Sep-08 13:39:30

Hi everyone

Ive managed to eat some mashed potato and drink a cup of tea. I feel a lot better now grin.

DD has been asleep for a couple of hours and DS has been good at amusing himself...colouring pictures for grandma, play-doh and drawing pics on his chalk board that I then have to guess what they are hmm. He's now watching '64 zoo lane' ( I really like the music at the beginning blush ).


Cleared up lunch things
Wiped all kitchen tops

To Do-

Unload w/m and think of a way to dry it ( its pouring with rain)
Unload d/w
Sweep kitchen floor
Empty bins

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