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biro on wallpaper, help!

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wittyusername Tue 09-Sep-08 14:39:39

my Dd decided to share her artistic talents on my wallpaper and DH is having a moan as a result. Any tips for removing the masterpiece or is it destined to remain there for posterity?

AvenaLife Tue 09-Sep-08 14:41:39

You could try some nail polish remover on a tiny spot and see what it does. babywipes may work aswell. Just test them on a hidden spot first to make sure you still have a pattern.

Phono Tue 09-Sep-08 14:42:51

Message withdrawn

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Tue 09-Sep-08 14:45:51

Speaking as someone with wax crayon frescoes all over the house ...

Have you got some leftover wallpaper? Could a small patch be an option?

wittyusername Wed 10-Sep-08 14:41:10

thanks everyone, but nothing worked. I'll have to check to see if we've got a spare roll of wallpaper...

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