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How do I get rid of the orange mould on my shower curtain?

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WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 08-Sep-08 10:37:21

Does anyone know?

I haven't tried anything yet.

Just repainted my bathroom and it is letting it's new shinyness down.

And yes, I know I could just get a new one but it is pretty and they don't make the pattern anymore.

overtoyou Mon 08-Sep-08 10:46:55

I wash mine on a 40 degree wash, with bleach in the detergent ball thingy. I use the extra rinse function too, just to be sure the machine is clear for the next wash and have never had any probs.

I do it about once a month to keep it away.

Mimsy2000 Mon 08-Sep-08 10:54:39

didn't actually know you could wash a shower curtain. do you mean the plastic bit or a cloth bit?

for the plastic bit and full on bath cleaning i use hard core chemical - bathpower or showerpower. stinks to high hell but does the job.

fourlittlefeet Mon 08-Sep-08 10:57:31

some you can wash, some you can't. soaking overnight in milton or viacal solution works, depending on what the issue is.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 08-Sep-08 11:37:21

Thanks all, I've checked and it is washable, so it's going in the machine with bleach.

herbietea Mon 08-Sep-08 11:38:44

Message withdrawn

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