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Has anyone used Plumbs or Lynplan to get new loose covers for their sofa?

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chunglimum Sun 07-Sep-08 15:39:52

I need to get my sofa recovered as cream sofa and toddler do not mix (hmm, daft purchase?). Has anyone used any of those companies that advertise in the national press?

chunglimum Sun 07-Sep-08 21:52:26


GentleOtter Sun 07-Sep-08 21:55:07

I bought from Plumbs years ago and found their stuff quite good. It was easy to wash and dry.
The only downside was that you are bombarded with their brochures for years after!

serin Sun 07-Sep-08 22:00:50

Well, we got a man from Plumbs out to give us a quote, he was quite horrid to us, made us feel really mean for asking to see the fabrics that were advertised in the national press on special offer and basically said they were of rubbish quality. He also took two mobile phone calls whilst he was with us, one about his timeshare in Marbella (I kid you not!!) and one from a friend arranging a golfing weekend, so I am assumming his buisiness is not doing too badly!!

Overall we decided not to go with his quote of £900 to cover two three seater sofas, and we went to DFS and bought two very nice leather ones for not much more.

chunglimum Tue 09-Sep-08 07:50:25

Thanks a lot for those. Sounds like it might be a bit luck of the draw with reps - I shall be wary!

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