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Finally getting a cleaner - is this a reasonable schedule?

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ColumboWearsControlPants Fri 05-Sep-08 13:47:26

I want her to do 3.5 hours on a Monday and on a Friday.

On each day, I'm hoping she will be able to dust and hoover 4 bedrooms and a living room and the hall and stairs. Clean 3 bathrooms plus downstairs loo. Clean the kitchen. Hoover and mop breakfast room and entrance hall.

No bedmaking, no washing, no emptying bins apart from wastepaper baskets and bathroom bins.

Is this too much in the time or too little (I based it on how long it takes me).

I could have more hours if I need it - not sure if necessary though?

nooka Fri 05-Sep-08 14:04:03

Basing the schedule on how long it takes you seems a very sensible way to go. Presumably if she gets it done faster (our cleaning lady was way more efficient than me, but them I find cleaning immensely boring and get distracted) you can think of some tasks that could be done every now and then? My cleaner does things like cleaning the fridge, washing the kitchen cupboards and washing the inside of the windows when she has the time. Although I have to say I've never actually asked her to do anything, or set a schedule - we just said please clean our flat (and then house) how long do you think it will take? This is probably not a very business like approach, but worked with her because she is fab and lovely.

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