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Washing Car Seat Cover

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PigeonPie Fri 05-Sep-08 11:46:11

DS has just managed to wee in his car seat. I need to wash it, obviously. It says hand wash; if I put it on the hand wash cycle in the washing machine in the large 'duvet' bag, do you think it'll be ok?

Fortunately we've got a spare so at least we can go out this afternoon!

ChopsTheDuck Fri 05-Sep-08 12:01:16

i stick them in. Got one in atm because it got wet on the flight home.

PigeonPie Fri 05-Sep-08 13:22:34

Thanks Chops. I've done it and it's now drying. Just hope it hasn't shrunk! Glad someone else has done it.

RGPargy Fri 05-Sep-08 13:25:13

I did mine last night too. Just stuck it in at 30 degrees with a slow(ish) spin. I dont know if it's shrunk yet - will find out later!

StealthPolarBear Fri 05-Sep-08 13:27:37

I did my maxi cosi one, was fine (as you suggesred)
Needs doing again before packing away

PigeonPie Fri 05-Sep-08 13:29:45

RGPargy, yes, did mine on the 30 minute, 30 degree wash with 800 spin and put it in the duvet bag, along with the piddle pad which of course had got ruckled up and wasn't actually underneath DS1 at the time.

RGPargy Fri 05-Sep-08 13:59:39

lol @ piddle pad!!

Fizzylemonade Fri 05-Sep-08 18:01:16

Do my maxi cosi on 30 degree hand wash setting on my washing machine, put the shoulder pads in a net because they have metal bits on.

Comes up a treat, smells nice and has never shrunk.

I just hang it up to dry.

We have a piddle pad, who came up with that name?

StealthPolarBear Fri 05-Sep-08 20:52:33

pmsl at shoulder pads
even more so as ds is wearing a sleep suit that makes him look like joan collins

FourArms Sat 06-Sep-08 08:26:16

I wash my Britax ones all the time. They've been fine.

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