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Whole house renovations on my own with 2 kids under 6 (1 SN) How do I cope? Please advise!!!

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adamadamum Sun 31-Aug-08 22:06:13

My house was council until recently, it's just been bought by a housing association and finally it is going to be made into a decent home.

They have already done the double glazing in one day, but in 2 weeks all the other stuff will start. They say it takes 6 weeks.

I am having: New kitchen, new bathroom, Full rewire and central heating. Plus at last a shower over the bath and a shed in the garden.

There are 3 days when we have to be out of the house by 8am and not return until 3pm.

I am really grateful to have this work done but I am dreading it!

We have no family or close friends nearby - it's those three days away from the house so early in the morning that worry me.

My daughter usually gets picked up (she has SN and goes to a school further away so gets transport) at around 8.30am, and I will have to get my son to school which would normally mean leaving at 8.40am.

I am dreading it! I know it will be worth it, but any tips on coping would be appreciated.

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