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Anyone want to join me on a 'Tackle The Jobs You've Been Avoiding' thread?

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Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 08:41:34

I REALLY need some motivation!

First off, I have Christmas decorations etc sitting on my bedroom floor, which need putting away, preferably this side of Christmas. smile

suzywong Sun 31-Aug-08 08:43:52


well, this weekend I have almost, I mean 15% still needs doing, sorted out the inumerable lego pieces in to shape, function, colour and multiples there of categories and built darth vader or someone's space ship.

I have also chipped a lot of enamel off my teeth through pulling tiny pieces apart.

I'm going to listen to woman's hour online and do the rest now. Perfect occupation for a late winter's afternoon.

twentypence Sun 31-Aug-08 08:46:33

I emptied out the compost bin, cleaned the top of the door frames and the greasy marks off the doors and weeded the garden today.

Being ill for 3 weeks means that now I am feeling better even the most crap job is interesting.

thesockmonsterofdoom Sun 31-Aug-08 09:14:32

I am cleaning the windows, I have done the cooker hood. smile
feeling quite inspired to clean stuff today which is odd, but I shall roll with it.

Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 09:18:48

You two must be on different time zones to the UK?

Well done suzywong - lego is a nightmare, but mine love it so much it's one I'm going to have to live with for many years to come!

Must be nice to be feeling better, twentypence. Don't overdo it!

Right, I've done the Christmas things, despite DD(3)'s "help". Am now going to find a home for the boys' school books etc from last year.

Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 09:19:44

X-post sockmonster. Happy cleaning!

Cappuccino Sun 31-Aug-08 09:20:33

I'm on a faffy cleaning day today

I have some time on tuesday morning without children and I want to paint the banisters rather than doing crappy cleaning jobs

Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 09:52:46

Hi Cappuccino - join the party grin
Right, am doing well. Have only got till 11 a.m. so must crack on.

Laundry to hang and put away.

thesockmonsterofdoom Sun 31-Aug-08 09:58:05

Have cleared ou the drawer that i haven't opened since we moved 6months ago. grin
I am enjoying this, also washed the kitchen bin.

Cappuccino Sun 31-Aug-08 10:47:11



Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 11:07:35

LOL cappuccino. Yes, the stuff that breeds in baskets.

Right I'm off out - extended family lunch thing.

Will be back this evening for more. Good luck to all on today's mission!

NumberFour Sun 31-Aug-08 11:34:39

tax return.... sad


onthepier Sun 31-Aug-08 12:12:52

Still need to finish unpacking + clothes washing from the holiday we returned from last Tuesday! blush

alexw Sun 31-Aug-08 12:33:41

Tidied play room, sorted all toys so thise which are broken/too young have gone. Washing on. Floors desperately need cleaning though.

suzywong Sun 31-Aug-08 12:48:51

OMG I 'm on a roll!
I have now started making something yellow from Star Wars Episode 1 with 32 pages of insructions and ...... gasp of sheer relief .... the enitre set of pieces drawn out on the back page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I love those Danes.

Janni Sun 31-Aug-08 17:40:12

I'm back!

Sympathies, NumberFour - how's it going?

Onthepier - mine sat a week unpacked [shame]

alexw - well done!

suzywong - grin Enjoy!

I find it really useful to commit to doing something on here. I used to do Flylady but couldn't keep it going, this every now and then thing works well for me, though.

Need to: change beds - hate that job!

Janni Mon 01-Sep-08 08:59:33

Good morning!

I've decided to resurrect this thread as it really helped me yesterday. Feel free to join me!

I have another day today before the older children return from holiday where I can get a few niggly jobs done, DD permitting!

I am going to:

Clear a shelf in DSs room and sort out the junk on top of my wardrobe.

smoggie Mon 01-Sep-08 09:12:23

I shall be watgching this thread with interest and taking part A LOT after Wednesday when sadly dds2 starts nursery and I can get all of those niggly jobs done.
Although now they don't seem that important and I just want to stay at home with ds2 sniff sniff sad
So far on my list I have:
Sort the garage
Sort the loft
Paint over the marks in the utility near the bin and where the coving has cracked
Paint the dining room
Clean all the woodwork (sticky finger marks +++)
Get all paperwork up to date
Sort out new mobile phone
Clear the garden
Oh and get a part-time job!!
There's more but I can't face even writing it all down!

thesockmonsterofdoom Mon 01-Sep-08 09:16:21

Ok I am back with you, a cross between this and fly lady,
yesterday i got the whole family involved and they cleaned their rooms, we painted the lounge window.
This morning I have washed my front and back door and swept the front yard. I must've looked like an absolute loon, but it looks lovely now.
Oh and changed my bed, weird as it is I like doing this stuff, it makes me feel all in control.

Janni Mon 01-Sep-08 11:00:17

smoggie - that's quite a list!

sockmonster - Hi! I know what you mean about feeling more in control. You've done loads - well done!

Well I've just finished the two jobs I set myself. One was very hard because it involved kids' artwork/sentimental stuff etc.

DD in bath, back soon.

Janni Mon 01-Sep-08 11:40:57

Right - my next big job is to clear out my wardrobe, where I've been stuffing things I didn't know what to do with! Could be back some time next week grin

Janni Tue 02-Sep-08 09:10:42

Does anyone want to keep this thread going or would it be better for me to go on Flylady? I've done it a few times, but drop out and then feel bad sad

TheMadHouse Tue 02-Sep-08 09:20:13

Janni come back to fly, dont feel bad about droping out. Thats what fly is all about, you opo in and out when needed. How are you?

FAQ Tue 02-Sep-08 09:21:33

ooo can I join you?

I've done fly lady MANY MANY times over the last 3/4yrs, and tbh it's NEVER worked for me.

Janni Tue 02-Sep-08 09:23:31

NOW what do I do? grin

I'm fine, thanks TMH. Things are going OK.

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