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2009 calendar/diary

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jojoisamum Fri 29-Aug-08 20:46:54

I need a reasonable sized calendar/diary for 2009. Not the silly little thing I have in my handbag where I have to write tiny to fit anything in!

I need something that keeps me organised and that I can see where DH is with his shifts and what is happening with DS.

Any suggestion? Probably a bit early yet for diaries I suppose but have you seen anything?

AnotherFineMess Fri 29-Aug-08 20:49:01

Bought an academic year 08/09 one from W H Smith yesterday. It is a week to a view, has five spaces for names so we have a column each & then one for family events, birthdays & meal planning. 'Twas only £4.99 and it makes me feel like a domestic goddess!

RipMacWinkle Fri 29-Aug-08 20:49:27

Best one I ever got was from Organised last year.

They start in Sept and run to the following Dec. I already have my 09 set - I have the pocket diary for my bag and the big calendar for teh kitchen.

Fantastic. I really recommend that site.

jojoisamum Fri 29-Aug-08 20:51:10

Thanks. Will have a look at W H Smith.,

Off to look at that website too.

JackieNo Fri 29-Aug-08 20:51:30

I get the same one as AnotherFineMess has just bought - they're great. I didn't realise 2009 ones were out yet though, must get one next time I'm near a WH Smiths.

RipMacWinkle Fri 29-Aug-08 20:53:46

Sorry it's - I'm so sad I just checked.

ChippyMinton Sat 30-Aug-08 09:59:40

I've just ordered one of these

makeminealargeoneplease Sat 30-Aug-08 17:02:49

I love my one of these, cheapest here, but currently out of stock It runs Aug 08 - Dec 09.

in stock here

Skramble Wed 03-Sep-08 22:52:04

Another recomendation for Organised Mum Diaries I got the Family Life Book this year, it has 7 columns and a week to page. Loads of columns mean one for work, fees, kids school and after school activities. I used the clear divider to write on regular weekly activities so I don't have to write them in every week. Tear off to do and shopping list. Space each month for "to dos" and finances etc.

I also got the family weekly calender, again loads of columns and a clear overlay to put on repeated activities. Fantasicly organised grin.

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