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Decluttering play room

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ipanemagirl Fri 29-Aug-08 07:37:40

Just wanted to let you flyladies know that as a lifelong slattern I am overjoyed to have transformed ds's playroom. It was a real mess and my m and I threw away/charitied 6 bin bags of toys and rubbish, cleaned the room and he got back from holiday yesterday and was overjoyed! Worth every minute of grimness while we did it! Just need to tackle the rest of the house!

Anna8888 Fri 29-Aug-08 07:39:28

Good for you. Feels so great to get chaos under control, doesn't it?

ipanemagirl Fri 29-Aug-08 07:44:32

I literally float with calm when the place is in order.

My enemy is STUFF, just have too much of it! And too much furniture! new baby on the way so want to make room for all that clutter too!

Anna8888 Fri 29-Aug-08 07:46:11

Too much (or the wrong) furniture is a nightmare. And it's quite hard to let go of furniture (big, expensive, familiar etc). But our life is so much better since we bought furniture that suits our life.

ipanemagirl Sat 30-Aug-08 07:53:35

Anna I so agree about furniture! I inherited 2 really attractive pieces from my grandparents. The tall boy is fine as it's tall (!) and holds masses, but the long sideboard like table is impractical really and we should just give to my sister who has an enormous house.. (grrrr) !

Also we have a big piano/keyboard thing that I never play though I should and it just cripples the versatility of our dining room.... I think I should just SHED the sideboard. Sigh.... But you are so right. I"m going to work on myself to be brutal. grin

EustaciaVye Sat 30-Aug-08 07:57:38

Yay! Well done. It is very cleansing isnt it. And to have someone else thrilled with the results Lovely.

sitdownpleasegeorge Sat 30-Aug-08 08:02:01

Ditch the piano - we did and it was the best thing we ever did.

If you ever want to get another wait until one comes up cheap locally on ebay or for free on freecycle.

I too need to have a clear out of baby toys and similar stuff.

Anna8888 Sat 30-Aug-08 08:13:48

Large pieces of furniture that don't suit your lifestyle are awful. Can you not sell the sideboard and keyboard? Think of all the lovely space you will gain and how you will be able to rearrange your living space and be able to circulate and do things...

ipanemagirl Sat 30-Aug-08 08:55:34

The sideboard table kind of HAS to go, you've helped me with that dawning! The keyboard is harder because it's lovely when I do play!
But I'm starting to mentally shed it!

feng shui definitely has something in it though in terms of decluttering. After throwing all that stuff out I literally felt high as a kite and if I was sitting on top of a mountain after a day's meditation!!!!

Anna8888 Sat 30-Aug-08 10:16:01

Could you not put the keyboard in the attic/basement for a while and see how you feel without it?

One always has to balance the occasional use of possessions versus the constant pleasure of space.

ipanemagirl Sat 30-Aug-08 14:36:37

You are so right Anna8888!

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 30-Aug-08 14:40:08

well done

ipanemagirl Sun 31-Aug-08 16:14:07

He's having a play date while I type and I'm having to stop myself barkiing out "CLEAN THAT UP!!' But actually ds has already got better at keeping it tidy...

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