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Thursday Flylady

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EustaciaVye Thu 28-Aug-08 07:55:05

Kelly's mission


Zone - living room

EustaciaVye Thu 28-Aug-08 07:55:45

Morning all.

2 playdates today so will be housekeeping in between.

scattyspice Thu 28-Aug-08 08:03:06

Morning EV.

Off out today to wildfowl centre.I am sad that holidays nearly over as have to go back to work and DS not keen on going back to school (DD can't wait to go back to nursery lol).

continue sewing name tapes.

Managed to get DD to sleep by sitting on a chair in doorway (rather than holding her hand) I am determined to do it this time and eventually stop her coming into my bed at night. Today she gets a small prize for her efforts then start a star chart tomorrow.

tigger32 Thu 28-Aug-08 08:17:31

Morning everyone, feeling c**p today! Fell out my friends door yesterday whist holding ds2, have a big cut on my knee and a painful swollen ankle sad
I have loads to do today aswell as I did nothing yesterday blush

EHM Thu 28-Aug-08 08:19:26

MOrning ALL*

thanks for the thread once again.enjoy your play dates.
scattywell done DD for going to sleep on her

Off to circus with my friend & her dd today. Took Ellie [[ here]] yesterday & she had a pony ride & loved itsmile

Haven't read yesterdays thread so hello to everybody, and hope I haven't missed anything importantblush

Have a good day..x

EHM Thu 28-Aug-08 08:20:46

tigger32 x posts, ouch hope you & ds are both ok.

oops link didn't work here

TheMadHouse Thu 28-Aug-08 08:37:22

Morning all

Scatty I am actually looking forward to playgroups and stuff being back on. With the weather being bad my two have been a bit of hard work. Role on the 8th or an indian summer

EHM Hope you and Ellie enjoy the circus

Tigger32 Sounds Painfull

EV Two playdates - lucky you grin

We have quite a boring day really.

Need to do some shopping at Aldi
Hoover whole house

SO as the sun is shinning, I think we will shop early and then go to the park before lunch.

My two were up during the night. DS1 with his chest (needed his inhauler twice) and DS2 well i think it is his age

Shannaratiger Thu 28-Aug-08 09:09:08

Morning all

Really quick post, me and dc's areoff to my M & D's leaving dp behind until he can join us saturday, which he absolutely hates, even more than going to my M&D's smile
I've got loads to do before mum arrives to pic kus up at 12, including running to Tesco's t oget dp's lunch for Monday. I actualy wanted to leave at 9:00, of course dd decides to lie in until 7:30 and DS until 8:30 and neither of them want their breakfast yet and they're both playing perfectly.
I think I packed everything though, in about 20mins shock, will probably have forgotten something but I've gor the essentials.
scatty enjoy your day at teh wildfowl cwntre sounds like a great day out. Glad your getting somewhere with keeping DD out of your bed.
tigger sad for teh fall. Make sure you rest your ankle in order for it to get better.
TMH I'm looking forward to school starting again as well. DD doesn't start school until the 8th though
EMH enjoy the circus, I've never been.
I'd better go Be Back on Monday
Have a good day.

TheMadHouse Thu 28-Aug-08 09:14:13

Shanna DS1 starts preschool on the 8th too

Boys are fed and breakfast pots are washed and away.

We are off shopping after I have finnished my cappa

EHM Thu 28-Aug-08 09:42:02

Online shop ordered being delivered
Provisional dates booked for my intensive driving course in October.
Theory Test booked.

Must get dressed spent far too long on line, phone etc this morningblush

TMH I am also looking forward to preschool restarting & ellie's mini moovers class. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up whilst I was at my mums.sad
Shann I have taken ellie before to circus. This time its in a theatre rather than big top. Something to do with my writer friend.

Right I am off.x.x.

grouchyoscar Thu 28-Aug-08 09:56:17

Hello All and Welcome To the newbies and returnees

EV Thanks for the thread and have fun with the playdates

Tigger Ouch, hope you recover soon

EHM have fun at the circus

Scatty I'm sad that the holidays are ending. I don't feel I'v e done enough with Ed. I had a big list and, well, lots not ticked off. hmm

TMH Did my boring shop on Tuesday. Ended up having to get a huge deep fryer and 10l of oil home.

Tiger I always pack way too much. For the past 2 years I'v e packed a suitcase of clothes that haven't been worn/touched. Thing is if I'd left them at home I'd have needed them.

<<Waves>> to anyone I've missed

Washed and dressed
Bathroom and loo S&S
Make and eat breakfast
Tidy away
Feed cats
Empty DW
Put away
Make beds

Ed has to go for a check up at the health centre, standard thing but...Oh I hate them, he is fine.

Better get him dressed and ready for the bus...TTFN

rowingboat Thu 28-Aug-08 10:31:55

Hi everyone
it's the LO's day off today, which means less running about.
So have to actually spend some time finishing off the tiles today. We have had so many visitors and outings that they have just been sitting there.
Eustacia thank you for the thread! smile
TMH it is nice having the LO back at nursery - he does love it and funnily enough I quite like seeing the other mums, which I can't say I did before Summer. grin
Tigger I'm not surprised you didn't get much done yesterday, that sounds very sore.shock If you ankle is swollen you should really keep it elevated and put a bag of frozen peas on it to reduce the inflammation. Try not to overdo it though, because you could end up worse off.
Scatty, I generally lie next to my LO until he is asleep. I expect he won't want me to do that when he is 16. grin
Grouchy hope the health centre is empty and you see the doctor immediately. smile
Shannara poor old dp, he isn't going to enjoy his weekend is he. grin
EHM is mini movers good? I am trying to think of ideas for the LO's fourth birthday and we could get somebody from mini movers to come for an hour.

morning done so far
washing up
kitchen rescue
2 mins reminders
babystep 29 is pampering self think I can manage that.
breakfast + vitamins
dress LO not self though

To do
washing out 10 mins
tiles tiles tiles at least 2 hours
email work about pension 30 mins

lunch 45 mins
15 minutes feel the fear
run at around 3pm
if time go swimming with LO

dinner sag aloo and chick pea massala
make up list of meals for holiday (self-catering)
that's all for now
Speak to you all later.

EHM Thu 28-Aug-08 11:04:17

rowingboat Mini Moovers is both mine & Ellie's fav class. Here is the website Hope this helps
grouchy glad Ed's check up went well. have a good day.

dw emptied
we are bathed & dressed
bathroom cleaned
1 load of washing out(not sure why very dull)
1 load in wm
general tidy upstairs
fold clothes & out away from airer
change ellie's bed due to cat sleeping on there last night

Right off to hoover throughout, leaving for circus at 1245.

EHM Thu 28-Aug-08 11:06:07

rowingboat if you are in my area your first class is free. PS Fly lady rubyroja does parties.

TheMadHouse Thu 28-Aug-08 11:59:22

Hi All

We are back from boring shop and an hour and half at the park.

DS2 has got something in his eye and it is really sore - so after nap if still the same I am going to take him to minor injuries at the hospital.

I am going to spend some time cleaning whilst he is asleep and then some one on one with DS1.

Then we have to collect some eggs and stuff from my mums

lucysmam Thu 28-Aug-08 12:17:39

Afternoon ladies,

all ok? I'm feeling better than I have been doing so am wandering round the house putting stuff back to rights atm with no organised list as such. Just doing stuff as I see it.

Mini Movers - what's that? and is it expensive? Have been looking for something for lo to do but not a lot locally unless you drive, which I don't!

Right off to put kettle on, check oh's progress with the painting and tidy kitchen! bbl and read thread properly xx

grouchyoscar Thu 28-Aug-08 12:50:09

Ed's sight and hearing is great, he's a heavy kid but tall with it. They want to follow it up in January

Just got back and I'm making lunch. Pastrami on french stick. Then I have to pack to go swimming this evening so we'll have a relaxing afternoon before hand.

Have fun

rowingboat Thu 28-Aug-08 12:51:13

Lucys can you email me with your address it's woofycreature at gmail dot com smile
EHM I live in Scotland, so probably not in the area. I think I got mixed up - there is a party thing available called musical minis I just get confused. shock
We are probably going to hire a little soft play near us with a party room. It's local so all mums should be able to walk there easily.
Kind of thought about getting someone in to do activities, but might do my own. Plus doing own sarnies and cakes.

Any pre-schooler party game recommendations gratefully received! grin
Can they focus enough for musical statues/bumps do you think?

morning done so far
washing up done and done and done shock
kitchen rescue done
2 mins reminders done
babystep 29 is pampering self think I can manage that. face pack - moving to evening
breakfast + vitamins done
dress LO not self though both done
clean veggie box put away veggie bag contents done

To do
washing out 10 mins done
tiles tiles tiles at least 2 hours groan
email work about pension 30 mins

lunch 45 mins doing that now yum! grin
15 minutes feel the fear
run at around 3pm - make that 4pm
if time go swimming with LO fat chance

dinner sag aloo and chick pea massala
make up list of meals for holiday (self-catering)
Pampering mission - facepack
that's all for now
Speak to you all later.

grouchyoscar Thu 28-Aug-08 12:52:03

TMH does your mum keep chickens?

Legoleia Thu 28-Aug-08 13:10:56

Hi everyone. I mistakenly posted on yesterday's thread - hmm but popped on to say hi and thanks for the motivation - am racing around during the precious naptime, and will log on again soon to catch up and account for myself! Thanks all!

Legoleia Thu 28-Aug-08 13:35:20

Okay I'm back! 20 mins tidying, and the house does look 20 mins cleaner so let that be a lesson to me!

SO I put away the drying up, duted the living room (mission) and cleaned the dining room window. I like the sound of rowingboat's "Pamper" mission, and may attempt that one next grin

TheMadHouse Thu 28-Aug-08 13:46:33

GO No mums friend has chickens and my grandad used to keep some. I would love some and once we have space will have some. I keep asking DHs dad if they will get some back on the farm - but he is too busy with the cows

I am having a hot flush - one of the side effects of having my ovaries removed - lovley

grouchyoscar Thu 28-Aug-08 14:08:46

TMH MIL calls them 'Tropical moments'! Are you on any form of HRT? You're still young for the change even though it's been done surgically

TheMadHouse Thu 28-Aug-08 14:13:06

GO Extreamly mild oestrogen. Can not have full HRT as it would have been pointeless removing the ovaries. Also HRT can increase the risk of the breast cancer (even thought it is already 85%), so they want to leave it until after the surgery. One of the current thoughts it that hormonal changes can trigger the mutation to become active sad

It is awful though - night sweats are the worst. DH is being great putting up with me grin Libedo is fine thought blush dont think I could cope with that at 34

lucysmam Thu 28-Aug-08 14:34:30

hello again! Just popped in to see what's going on on here really! not a lot done, online shopped, tidied kitchen and general pottered and played with lo. House not looking too bad really to say I've had no organisation going on whatsoever this week.

WM nearly finished so will put washing out in a mo then make oh a cuppa and stick bathroom curatins in the wm & keep pottering I think.

rowingboat I will mail address in a mo, just pop kettle on . . .

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