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Wednesday Flylady

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EustaciaVye Wed 27-Aug-08 07:50:34

kellys mission


Zone - living room

EustaciaVye Wed 27-Aug-08 07:51:55

Morning all.

We're all a bit tired today and still in pj's. dd1 still in bed shock

going to get nto gear in a min.


EHM Wed 27-Aug-08 07:53:58

Morning ALL*

thanks for the thread.hope you have a good day.

BiancaCastafiore Wed 27-Aug-08 08:00:13

Morning EHM and EV

Hope you both have a good day planned?

I have to work today Feeling like staying under the duvet, really tired.

But, this evening dd and I have our long awaited treat; we're going to watch the HSM stage show grin Ds is very disappointed that he's not coming so we might all go for a pizza before the show then at least ds has a little treat with us before he heads home with dh.

I did this mission yesterday It's refreshing to be able to say that for a change!

Better go and pack everyone's lunches.
Back later x

RupertTheBear Wed 27-Aug-08 08:10:40

Morning all

I am only just up - the dc's gave us a lie in for a change. How I am ever going to get back into getting up at 6 next week I don't know.
Bianca - I did todays mission yesterday as well - am feeling very smug! Enjoy HSM - I have watched the film about 100 times with dd.
Morning EV and EHM

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 08:14:32

Morning EHM, EV, Bianca & EVERYONE ELSE

How is everyone this morning? I'm still waking up and still feel dodgy but am determined to do more than wander around virtual asda today!

Bianca I don't blame you feeling like staying in bed, me too!

EV shock at dd1 still in bed, wish mine would stay in bed past 7am! she's taken to getting up early again

cafebistro my family are Irish, never get back over there to see any of them though & they won't come over here for some reason. Oh and me are planning on surprising some of them with a visit later in the year if we can afford it (if mil will have lo for a long weekend)

Right, I'm off to formulate some sort of plan for today since there's loads I want to get done, have a good day all, bbl with a list smile

biglips Wed 27-Aug-08 08:24:28

morning all!

Starting to get up early today as ive got 2 weeks to start waking up an hour earlier and not 8am. Yesterday it was 9.30am blush but was up half of the night of heartburn.

Today taking DD to a softplay area this morning to go early before a pile of kids comes in as its only a small softplay area and hopefully my friend is coming this afternoon.

BBL smile

(its very dark outside atm)

TheMadHouse Wed 27-Aug-08 08:34:18

Morning Ladies

DH has gone to take the car in for a service and its MOT - Please pray for cheep invoice at the end.

Me and the boys are going to follow in a wee while and then all go for a walk in the forrest before I get my hair done.

Only issue is living out in the sticks, you have to drive to a town to dtop the car off and then to another for my hair cut and then home. I estimate I will do about 100 miles today in the car shock

Moring routine done

To Do

Pack some other e-bay stuff
Post e-bay stuff
Put ironing away
Good tidy as DH back to work tomorrow
Plan for the rest of the week

Oh yes my post meopasal brain is soup - Tesco is tonight hmm

sagacious Wed 27-Aug-08 08:49:06

Morning all!

Awake (just about)
Dh went out for a bike ride (!) at 5.30am (he got back at 6.10am and then left for work (I really don't know how he does it.. I'm knackered on 10 hrs sleep a night... couldn't get back to sleep so feeling a bit groggy.

Its a bit dull and grey here (just like I'm feeling!)

Off for a cuppa

Kids are playing nicely

need to

Locate stamps
Post letters
Finish sorting paperwork
Run d/w
Put away stuff on rads
Ironing pile
Bus into town
Return library book
Water tomatoes
Sweep pool room

EustaciaVye Wed 27-Aug-08 08:53:01

shock at 100 mile round trip for haircut and MOT.

Well, we're all dressed Morning routine complete and all toys have been picked off the floor downstairs.

I also did this mission the other day when I had the feather duster out for the venetian blinds.

2 hotspots and a big magazine rack to work through in the living room then it will be all done Could do woth cleaning carpets really but not sure I want to...

grouchyoscar Wed 27-Aug-08 09:11:14

Morning All

Just popping by. Was sidetracked by a new deep fryer yesterday and a trip to Wilkinson's (Found Ed some handwriting help books!)

Got to get a wriggle on as I'm taking him to see the steam train into Leeds station. It goes to Scarborough and we can't afford the trip but the drivers and firemen are lovely and let Ed have a good nosey at things


Minkus Wed 27-Aug-08 09:52:11

Hello everyone

I posted a few weeks ago to say that I was restarting baby steps as I'd fallen off the wagon completely, what with having my then-5 week old ds2 as well as ds1 to contend with! Happy to report that a) ds's are both doing well- ds2 now 8 weeks and a right little chubster with his 2 hourly feeds round the clock <<yawn>> and b) reading this thread gives me the encouragement I needed and I'm back on track again (if I was ever on it properly in the first place.) So thanks ladies! Really appreciate the folks starting the thread in the morning and posting Kellys Missions etc, even though I don't post I'm reading and it has made a big difference. My downstairs is completely decluttered with the exception of the small understairs cupboard, and considering the dining room had about 7 hotspots itself let alone the living room, hall, kitchen cloakroom and conservatory I don't think I've done too badly! Started tackling the master bedroom yesterday and actually enjoyed sorting through my clothes/cosmetics (huge cupboard full of both)

Here's to the lovely FLYlady!

scattyspice Wed 27-Aug-08 10:21:58

Hi all.
So far I've done:
morn routine
changed kids beds
loaded wm
washed up
done 4 puzzles with DCs
set up dolls house
read 2 pages of Tanya Byron book from library (really must do something about DDs sleep problems!!)

To do
sew more name tapes
teach Ds to read before he goes back to school nxt week hmm.
Friend coming for lunch with DS's friend smile.

TMH I forgot you said you were camping at Hadrians wall, I don't know that campsite but i agree its a lovely area for walking with children. Sounds like a busy day today for you!

minkus You sound quite on top of things, I found the first year with 2 DCs the hardest (physically, mentally and emotionally) thing I've ever done! But I have such fond memories too.

Right DS wants help with his Megazord!

ludaloo Wed 27-Aug-08 10:30:37

Hi everyone smile

lucysmam just to let you know I posted a parcel off to you yesterday so you should get that soon. smile

Minkus awww I remember two hourly feeds (tired of it at the time but I do look back with fondness.....8 weeks awww makes me remember those little snuffly noises they make as they are feeding)
Well done to you on the decluttering smile

Right my DD1 is pestering me for the computer (club penguin again!)


lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 11:30:40

morning again everyone smile

luda parcel arrived this morning thank-you. They're lovely clothes! I'll post yours 1st thing Friday. . . .hate waiting for payday!

Minkus 2 hourly feeds not fun at the time but it's so lovely looking back at them & remembering smile

scatty, megazord? what's one of them then?

right, my list for toady which I will not rest until I complete is as follows
~dry washing
~check ebay
~make fishcakes for tonight's tea
~thorough tidy upstairs
~play with lo although she's happily stacking stacking cups on her own atm
~put washing basket back together
~find wheels for baby walker we're meant to be passing on to oh's cousin
~declutter kitchen cupboard
~declutter my wardrobe
~oh to paint back hallway

so I'm off to continue although not sure where to start and really ought to think about getting sewing machine out sometime this week since I've borrowed mil's to make curtains and not even thought about them yet! ttfn xx

ludaloo Wed 27-Aug-08 12:15:47

Cor blimey, that was quick! I shall never moan about the postal service again grin(although I should think so too really as I was cueing in the post office for nearly half an hour hmm)
Glad they are ok smile

I was wondering what a Megazord was too. Is it a Transformer?

My washing machine is yet again making a very fishy stink [yuk] I'm told it is probably something like the fuse getting hot and making the plastic casing hot...which makes the smell. It only actually does it if I put it on a hotter wash. Doesn't happen on a 40 degree wash, but then I can't get DH's work clothes even vaguely clean on just a 40!

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 12:30:22

lol, I always have a good moan about postal service! we have the s-l-o-w-e-s-t postie in the land I'm sure!

I think it may be a transformer, although I'm not sure. Maybe I ought to re-watch the film tonight to find out grin

I've got more washing to sort too, just can't be bothered to do it, and it's going to pee it down so will have to td again sad

I'm just in the middle of fish cakes for tea but for some unknown reason they're a bit sloppy, so going to make a cuppa and ponder what to do to fix them

ludaloo Wed 27-Aug-08 13:06:43

Will flour fix them?

I think Megatron was a transformer....not so sure about megazord, but they do loads of different transformers don't they, like dinosaurs and stuff.

It is raining here too...suprise suprise! I'm told it will brighten up next week hmm that's fairly typical....just as the kids go back to school!

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 13:26:39

maybe megazord was the bad guy? there's hundreds of them yeah, knowing my luck, my Lucy will be wanting them since she's not a very girlie girl!

Hope it does brighten up! My oh starts his new job next week so will mean peace and quiet for me and Lo to go to the park and play

oh and I don't know about the flour idea, they're sat in the fridge on a tea towel at the mo and someone on 'Food' suggested flour, egg, breadcrumbs may hold them together better so may try that too!

TheMadHouse Wed 27-Aug-08 14:27:17

Afternoon ladies

Part one of the trips sorted.

Car is going to cost an arm and a leg sad, money we dont have sad sad, so failed MOT and we are trying to find somewhere to do the work cheaper. But we got Tax online last night, so at least we are OK

Hair is done, I am now dark brown, no grey and sholder length at front and a couple of inches longer at the back.

Dropped a couple of things for courier.

Ironing all done grin

To DO:

Ironing to put away
Collect car
Go to post office (same town as car)
Walk in the woods with boys

We went to the park at the woods this morning and they enjoyed it loads (with waterproofs though)

DH has mowed the lawn, but the strimmer is knackered.

We are not having much luck at present

EustaciaVye Wed 27-Aug-08 14:34:28

Managed one of my living room hotspots

scattyspice Wed 27-Aug-08 15:31:37

tMH Sympathies for the car. Cars are such a drain on financies aren't they?

LOL a Megazord is a power ranger thing (but like Transformers, it comes apart and bits get lost etc!)

Had a lovely time with friend and Ds's friend. Except went to park and DS climbed over the top of the monkey bars (was showing off I suspect)then git really frightened when he realised how high up he was and SCREAMED! He was terrified poor lad, I had to climb up and rescue him! Then he got cross with himself for being scared and tried to do something else too quickly and fell off! All scrapes and bruises. sad

Washing done.
Need to iron.

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 15:43:37

lol, oh! we weren't far off then!

so far off todays list
~pots done
~bake done
~dry washing
~check ebay
~make fishcakes for tonight's tea done
~thorough tidy upstairs *doing next*
~play with lo happily done for a while
~put washing basket back together upstairs to be done
~find wheels for baby walker we're meant to be passing on to oh's cousin
~declutter kitchen cupboard done
~declutter my wardrobe
~oh to paint back hallway done he's onto the bathroom now

TheMadHouse Wed 27-Aug-08 18:42:00

Evening all

We have had a lovley afternoon. We have been for a walk in the nearby woods, infact we were there for 3 hours shock

Car has cost an arm and a leg and has to go back a week on Sat hmm

Boys are fed and bathed and there hair is drying and then bed and peace smile

grouchyoscar Wed 27-Aug-08 18:44:49

Hello All

Feel blush as DH is clearing the kitchen table hotspot but I did get home only 45 mins ago.

Been out with Ed all day we have

Been on the footplate of a steam train in full steam
Stumbled across a Surestart play day outside the town hall. Ed got a certificate and a medal
Did a bit of shopping. Ed wanted to get a present for his childminder's baby who was born this morning (awwwwh)
Visited the childminder. I was cuddling a baby of 12 hrs old and Ed managed to buy him his 1st teddy blush smile

So it's been a l-o-n-g day but a great deal of nice things with it.

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