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Help - "Alien Goo" on bedclothes - clear gel won't come off!

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Tilia Mon 25-Aug-08 15:07:11

Anyone know how to get this weird gel out of fabrics? It's like a potty putty version of the gel you add to compost to keep the water in. 6am wake up call from No 1 son - his alien egg had broken open in his bed. I scraped off most of it and washed duvet cover, PJs, sheet etc straight away, but it's still there. So I tried Sticky Stuff Remover (which defeats chewing gum) but it had no effect at all. Any chemists out there?

lucysmam Mon 25-Aug-08 19:44:07

I have no idea whatsoever about this as have never encountered 'alien goo' before but would something like flour not soak into it so that you could just kind of roll it off the covers maybe (you know like the glue on the back of sample sachets you get in mags rolls up?). sorry if i've just completely wasted your time reading this! smile

Tilia Mon 25-Aug-08 21:35:33

Thanks lucysmam, it's a possibility, but I think it might just be goo with flour in it. Though if I get really desperate, I might have a go. Meanwhile, I had another think, since Sticky Stuff Remover is oily and does absolutely nothing. Water - even soapy water - just rehydrates the darn stuff, but what about that rediscovered universal miracle worker, white vinegar? It's acidic. So I poured a bit on a lump of the goo and it didn't like it one bit - started to liquify. Hah! I thought, and dribbled some on the contaminated clothing and bedding, chucked another cupful in the washing machine and ... well, I think I need more vinegar, as it wasn't an unqualified success. I'm not giving up yet.

lucysmam Mon 25-Aug-08 21:46:15

how about salt to dry it out then?

giraffescantdancethetango Tue 26-Aug-08 12:02:47

how hot have you washed it?

lucysmam Tue 26-Aug-08 13:15:37

did you get the 'alien goo' out of the bedding?

Tilia Tue 26-Aug-08 21:22:18

lucysmam - not quite. But strangely it does seem to have come off the flannelette (?sp?) PJs. No further progress as I've been at work today. Tomorrow is my day off and I'll have another go.

giraffescantdancethetango - 40 degrees. It's a good point, so I took a blob of the gunk and poured boiling water over it. It softened a bit, but no, it didn't melt or disintegrate. But (as before) it did when I added vinegar. So I'm sure that some hot vinegar followed by a hot wash will do it. Trouble is, there are so many patches of goo.

But as I said, I've got a whole day at home (with boys) tomorrow, so what could be nicer than pouring hot vinegar over bedlinen? Oh, apart from cleaning and tidying the whole house for a visitor on Friday...

malovitt Wed 27-Aug-08 08:29:40

Ahhh! Alien egg in the bed disaster!

The exact same thing happened to my ds during the night, gunk all over the brand new John Lewis bedding that I had paid a small fortune for.

It had also globbed over the side onto the carpet. That stain is still there but is not so noticable after a couple of goes with the Rug Doctor.

I'm afraid the mark can still be seen on the sheets, albeit faintly. It does improve with repeated washing, but I have never come across anything so difficult to remove.

Alien eggs totally banned in this house after that. I still feel murderous if I see one!

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-08 08:39:43

lol Tilia, what better way to spend your day off hey!? I'd see if I could dry it out with something like salt myself, although from the sounds of it it's tough stuff. Complain to the manufacturer of the toy, see if you can get something out of them for nothing!! I would, & usually do get something even if they don't accept blame for it

Tilia Sun 31-Aug-08 09:59:51

malovitt - so glad to hear it's not just me! I have also banned alien eggs from the house. I had previously banned potty putty (just as well, my brother says that his kids got some on their clothes and it set solid when washed so the clothes had to be chucked) but foolishly thought that this clear stuff would be water soluble. But do try soaking the stain on your sheets with vinegar, and then rinsing thoroughly with soapy water. It DOES dissolve in (acetic) acid, at least. My efforts have been pretty much successful. I just wish that my son hadn't managed to spread the gunk so widely. There were so many marks I don't think I've found all of the ones on the duvet cover yet. But the white sheet is now properly white and mark-free. Hooray!

lucysmam - as you'll see from above, my vinegar-sloshing has worked. Salt wouldn't do much I think. The goo isn't water-soluble but when played with feels damp and eventually dries hard. As to complaining, son bought eggs for himself and younger brother on a trip to Chessington World of Adventures with his holiday playscheme, and I have no packaging at all. But perhaps malovitt might have some packaging with manufacturers' details she could chase up?

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 10:22:32

Glad you finally got it sorted Tilia, vinegar sounds like a 'wonder product' from what I've been reading on mn recently. smile

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