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Cleaning Misson.................................................Anyone else up for it today?

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LoveMyGirls Mon 25-Aug-08 11:54:50

I'm roping in dp and dd1 to help, the house isn't too bad tbh but we need to go through draws and cupboards and declutter and the whole house needs a good clean and tidy! Hopefully with all of us chipping in it won't take too long!

Anyone up for it? We'll be starting when dd2 goes for her nap.

Saturn74 Mon 25-Aug-08 11:57:18

Good luck with that!
<<rearranges sofa cushions, scoffs more chocolate and hides thread>>

Buda Mon 25-Aug-08 12:05:32

I'll sort of join in!

Cleaner is here today so she is cleaning blush but am in decluttering mode - whole house needs doing. Will get off my bottom and start with taking recycling to car to take out later. Then will deal with magazine mountain in living room.

LoveMyGirls Mon 25-Aug-08 12:07:33

Yeah thanks HC lol, we will be getting it done, dp is very good at helping and dd1 is too when she's in the mood.

Dp woke me up with a cuppa and a bacon and egg toasted sandwich this morning, he's gone back to bed for a bit now while I feed dc's and put dd2 down for her nap, then I'll pop to the shops for a few bits he forgot when he did the food shopping yesterday then when I get back, I've written a list and we will be cracking on grin later I will feel all smug knowing my house is de-cluttered (as long as you don't look in the attic!!!!) and all my paperwork is up to date! (I need to spend about an hour doing paperwork later for this to happen.

LoveMyGirls Mon 25-Aug-08 12:08:22

Sounds good Buda - I want a cleaner envy will settle for dp and dd1 helping for now though smile

Saturn74 Mon 25-Aug-08 17:25:11

How did it go? smile

envy at your sparkling home.

Buda Mon 25-Aug-08 18:03:53

Well I got the recycling stuff into the car.

Sorted out some magazines and general clutter lying around.

Then I took DS to see Wall-E!

Janni Mon 25-Aug-08 18:15:11

Late to this but I have been decluttering kids' rooms today and will be doing more this evening, so am with you in spirit!

Saturn74 Mon 25-Aug-08 18:15:50

Ah, the recycling fits in with the Wall-E theme.
Very impressive housekeeping there, Buda. grin

Buda Mon 25-Aug-08 19:28:07

Why thank you HC! (I fell asleep during movie though!)

LoveMyGirls Mon 25-Aug-08 21:43:55

We did majority of it!

Over this weekend We have......
De-cluttered dd1's and dd2's room
De-cluttered our room (need to do a few more draws but the vast majority is done)
cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and dining room
Tidied kitchen cupboards
Tidied the toys
Decluttered under the stairs
Filed paperwork (lots has gone to be recycled)
de-cluttered the computer desk
Caught up on some paperwork (though need to catch up on my accounts)
Pampered myself a bit! (fake tan, shaved, painted nails etc)

I've got 5 big bin bags of stuff for the charity shop and a few things I want to sell on ebay.

Feeling very happy and a lot less stressed, although I think I will sleep well tonight!

LoveMyGirls Mon 25-Aug-08 21:48:14

Also did washing, cleaned microwave and food shopping.

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