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Am decluttering as i pack up to move house

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misdee Sun 24-Aug-08 09:17:47

dh is also listing odds and ends on ebay, and we are sellling big furniture to friends and friends of friends.

so far have made over £500!!!

its amazing how much stuff you keep for the hell of it, have been shredding paperwork, which takes ages, no idea why i kept most of it.

going to tackle the bedside cabinets later.

does anyone else have dozens of adapters they have no idea what they are for? or for old phones etc etc which they no longer have?

oops Sun 24-Aug-08 09:21:01

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 24-Aug-08 09:23:06

the most bizarre things are making money. he sold some football stickers for £26, some badges from the 90's for £30-ish. things i would've just binned or taken to the charity shop blush

Lemontart Sun 24-Aug-08 09:31:09

I am terrible throwing things away rather than listing on ebay blush
Bet you are both feeling great about decluttering Hard work to do but fantastic once you create that extra space and organisation.
You have inspired me to do a little more decluttering

LoveMyGirls Sun 24-Aug-08 09:49:17

I want to declutter too but I am so tired, I did sort dd1's bedroom yesterday and must do dd2's today plus our paperwork needs doing, just looking at buying a small filing cabint and wondering if I should spend £30 on one as we're skint at the moment but without one I can't do a lot. I was going to do a car boot but decided I'd rather have a lie in instead, strangely I dreamt abut doing one last night, maybe I should stop being lazy?

Wll done to you misdee! £500 is fab!

misdee Sun 24-Aug-08 12:40:05

i know. we have enough to move house with now, but need another £300 really to cover costs of new carpets upstairs

themoon66 Sun 24-Aug-08 12:41:34

When we moved house I had enough chargers to start a charger factory. I didnt know what 90% of them were for.

LoveMyGirls Sun 24-Aug-08 12:55:17

Misdee can you take the carpets from the downstairs of the house you are in now to do upstairs in the new house? Every time I move I use the carpets from downstairs to do upstairs except this house where for the first time in 9yrs I got the whole house carpeted for £450 because my sister had just moved in with a carpet fitter, any chance your sisters wanna start a relationship with a carpet fitter anytime soon? wink grin

ninedragons Sun 24-Aug-08 13:00:03

It is unbelievable, isn't it? We decluttered when we moved from a large house to a small flat and made about GBP2,000 from stuff I had no idea would sell - Ikea bookcases and mattresses and things.

misdee Sun 24-Aug-08 13:03:05

lovemygirls, we are currently in a bungalow,. which has fitted laminate floor throughout, so cant take anything with me. the house we are moving to is all laminate/lino downstairs, we just need the upstairs done really.

LoveMyGirls Sun 24-Aug-08 13:07:34

Ah damn so plan B - gettng a friend/ sister to sleep with the carpet fitter plan to go then.

Seriously what about off cuts/ end of roll? Fitting them yourself? If the joins can be under your bed it won't really matter. Or carry on searching for stuff to sell.

misdee Sun 24-Aug-08 13:09:56

this is for the cheap stuff that doesnt require 'fitting' i can egt it down to £200 if i dont do the landing, but want that done really. i do have my maternity grant due in two weeks so will yuse that towards it as well

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