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White washing and vinegar. Advice please

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grouchyoscar Sat 23-Aug-08 15:28:17

Hello there

I have discovered the brilliance of using vinegar for household cleaning. It's fab. I have heard it can be used in the laundry but

How? do you use it in a pre wash soak, add it to the drum with the detergent or put it in with the conditioner.

DS wears white polo shirts for school and I'd like to keep them crisp white rather than murky grey

Thanks in advance

JackieNo Sat 23-Aug-08 15:35:47

Not sure that it'll keep things white. As far as I know, you can use it in the conditioner bit instead of fabric conditioner - about the same amount. Also if you're cleaning your washing machine, run it on a hot wash with a cupful of white vinegar.

shinyshoes Sat 23-Aug-08 15:41:20

why would you put vinegar in the washing machine? what does it do? Would this be to get rid of sweat?

shinyshoes Sat 23-Aug-08 15:42:24

is this the vinegar you'd put on your chips?

sorry if this post sounds ignorant but I have seriously never heard of this before smile

LIZS Sat 23-Aug-08 15:45:52

I've ued it to clean out the drawer and seal and it is a decalcifying agent so you can use it in your machine on empty but not sure as part of the wash. It is the white household vinegar not Sarsons !

Thankyouandgoodnight Sun 24-Aug-08 13:45:28

I can only find distilled malt vinegar, which is completely clear (white) - made by Sarsons!!
That's the stuff isn't it??

LIZS Sun 24-Aug-08 17:32:11

won't malt vingear make it smell ? ! This is the stuff but I'm sure you must be able to get it at superstores and hardware stores.

dittany Sun 24-Aug-08 17:41:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southutsire Sun 24-Aug-08 17:43:08

I use white vinegar in the conditioner drawer (I don't use fabric conditioner) in my cloth nappy wash - seems to keep them smelling fresh.

When I've failed to get hold of bog-standard household white vinegar I've been known to use white wine vinegar which seems to work just as well! (Bit expensive though). Wouldn't use malt though.

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