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New electric cooker........advice re installation-do I need an electrician?

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Petall Fri 22-Aug-08 00:14:01

I've ordered a new electric cooker, which is being delivered tomorrow and they are recylcling the old one. I've just pulled the old one out and realised it's wired into the wall (thought it was just plugged in!)
Does anyone know whether I have to get an electrician to disconnect it, await delivery and then get electrician back to reconnect? Or can I do it myself?

grouchomarx Fri 22-Aug-08 00:45:26

think you need a fitter to do it - won't the people who are delivering it do it?

EyeballsintheSky Fri 22-Aug-08 00:48:30

I've got the same thing happening tomorrow with a gas oven! As far as I can make out they will only take it away if it's disconnected already unless you've paid for this service when you ordered. So you might need to get on to an electrician first. I've had my gas oven disconnected already, new one comes tomorrow, delivery man takes old one away, gas bloke comes back to connect. It's a royal pain in the arse, which is why it's taken since April!

Good luck

Petall Fri 22-Aug-08 01:15:28

Thanks for that - I've ordered it form Sainsburys and they don't offer a connection service.
I think I'll have to try and get an electrician first thing in the morning.
Fingers crossed with that then or my tennant who moves in tomorrow won't be too happy!

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